How much do you earn raising snails

Many people wonder if heliculture today, that is, snail farming, is a profession that allows them to earn a living and make a profit. Many people feel the need to return to the land and seek a career in agriculture. In modern society, the daily hustle and bustle takes us further and further away from natural rhythms. Sometimes we reach a breaking point, yearning for a different way of life, returning to farming jobs.

Snail farming is an integral part of land-related agricultural work and has been gaining more and more ground for several years. As we have seen when discussing the costs and revenues of this activity, helix farming can also be profitable, if the exploitation is correctly taxed. However, it must be emphasized that snails are not a gold mine: by working well and hard, you earn a living and repay your commitment with an income, but whoever thinks of investing in snails in search of easy profits would do better to abandon the project immediately.

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  • Start making money raising snails

  • Incentives and financing of activities

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    • How much do you earn selling snails

    • How much do you make selling snail slime

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Start earning by farming snails

Heliciculture is a job that can be practiced full-time, either as the sole source of income, or as a second job whose income will supplement the salary. In the first case, it is necessary to have a plot of good size to carry out the breeding.

To breed snails as a profession and carry out this work at a commercial level, some bureaucratic formalities are necessary: ​​first, of course, the opening of an agricultural VAT number and registration with the Chamber of Commerce .

Incentives and financing for the company

The State and the European Union promote the return to the land by granting calls for funding, subsidies and significant economic benefits for the agricultural sector. Common grant categories include youth entrepreneurship, women’s entrepreneurship, and innovative or eco-sustainable start-ups.

From a fiscal and bureaucratic point of view, the state grants those working in agriculture reduced, often flat-rate VAT schemes and very low income taxes. For those just starting out and expecting very low earnings in the first few years, there are also exemption brackets.

The European Union promotes rural development through the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), which is one of the largest items in the EU budget, committing 34% of the EU budget. Trade associations such as the CIA and Coldiretti can offer advice on tax regimes and the possibility of securing financing to start a spiral business.

Benefits of heliculture

Obviously, the income from snail farming is directly proportional to the size of the plant, therefore to the number of snail enclosures that the breeder decides to create. Each fence produces a good amount, so the more fences created, the higher the profit.

To obtain income from snail farming, one must make a calculation of costs and income (see the dedicated in-depth study) and check that the income from sales exceeds the expenses of farming.

Revenues from snail farming are linked to the sale of snail meat, which is used for food, and the market for burrs, which are used for cosmetics.

How much do you earn selling snails?

Snails are valued at national level from 4.50 euros/kg (for the wholesale trade) to a maximum of 12.00 euros/kg. (for retail).

Between the two are all the other food sales channels to be covered: restaurants, festivals, caterers, butchers, fishmongers, grocery stores, orchards, local markets, local and national fairs. As you can see, higher profit is possible when you can reach end customers, skipping the middle steps of wholesalers and retailers.

How much do you make selling snail slime?

Heliciculture is a profession that can have a double source of income, if we have the possibility of doing business even with silt, a substance that is a true wonder of nature. The price of slime reaches 100.00 euros/litre and is in great demand both by cosmetic companies and directly on the market. You can read more about this in the Slime Business Opportunity article.

In conclusion

Few agricultural jobs offer the same income opportunities as the heliport, but it should be noted that good results and profits only come with the greatest commitment on the part of the farmer. So you have to want to roll up your sleeves and know how to go about it.

For starters, it’s wise to get help from people who have experience and skills gained over years of parenting, being careful to avoid the many people who try to speculate on the inexperienced. I can advise you to go to the La Lumaca farm, which has been working in the sector for more than 20 years, and which today is one of the most important companies at the national level. All the articles dealing with heliculture at Orto Da Coltivare have been made thanks to his technical contribution.

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