How to beautify your garden: the golden rules

Whether it is during a construction, a renovation of your house or simply a desire for change, the renovation of your garden is a long-term job. Knowing how to place plants, trees, garden space and furniture in a garden is not an easy task. Going to a professional can quickly increase the bill depending on the surface to be exploited. That’s why I give you some tips to use to create your own garden plan. All you need is time, ingenuity and a garden store.


Some important rules to create your ideal garden.

1. Define your wants and needs

First of all, you must list the facilities you want to put in your garden: terrace, barbecue area, outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, garden, orchard, flower beds, walkway, patio, hammock, etc. Then you define the plants you want to plant.

2. Respect the terrain

Identify the existing elements in your garden such as trees, embankments, hedges. if necessary, you can delete some elements. Otherwise, you will have to compose your garden with the current nature.

To choose what type of plants will compose your garden, you must determine the nature of the soil: clayey, loamy, humus, sandy or limestone. Also, you should look at shady and sunny areas, as well as the daily duration of the sun.

If you have areas where plants are not taking root, opt for artificial grass.

A vegetable garden should be planted in an area without shade and very sunny.

3. Find your style

Take inspiration from specialized sites and magazines to give you ideas and guide the style of your garden. Remember to be consistent with your home, colors, architectural style, etc.

Are you more modern?

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Beautify your garden: modern style

Do you prefer the country style?

landscaping your garden: country style
landscaping your garden: country style

4. Opt for round and curvy shapes

Nature is rarely square and straight, for a wild and natural garden, it prefers sinuous forms for paths and rounded flowerbeds, avoiding symmetry. If you opt for a more modern garden, you can put flower beds with geometric shapes, but do not prune the plants in a straight line, this would break the naturalness of the plants.

5. Compose with volumes and colors

When choosing plants for your garden, consider them as adults. To give relief to your garden, you have to play with the seasonality of the plants, their shape, their height and their color.

The imposing plants should rather be placed at the bottom of the garden and the small ones at the front. Create flower beds by matching plants by color and size.

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