How to buy a garden tap

garden tap

When you have a garden, one of the most important things you should have is a water source, as it saves you from having to get out water bottles or bowls to water your plants. And, one of the most important elements is the garden tap.

It is not always the same as the one placed inside the house. But, properly? What should you look for when buying one? We will clarify it for you below.


Top 1. The Best Garden Faucet


  • universal connector.
  • High quality.
  • Easy to install.

The inconvenients

  • He comes to drip
  • Bad manufacture.
  • Expensive because in other places it is for 3 euros.

Selection of garden taps

Check out other garden taps that might be what you need right now.

Premium 1/2” – 3/4” double outlet garden tap

Brass, this garden tap has two independent outlets, be able to open or close separately. It is compatible with all irrigation accessories and has a two-year warranty.

Bächlein universal tap for the garden

Made of brass, it has a thread adapter that allows it to have a universal installation, can be for 1/2 and 3/4 inch connections. A reliable seal is guaranteed and it has a pre-assembled hose connection.

WATERGO Premium 1/2″ double garden faucet (green)

If you need a double tap, here it is. This has ball valves with separately lockable connections and is made of high quality brass.

KUNGYO vintage washing machine faucet with single cross handle G1/2 interface

Here you have a vintage faucet which, although it is supposed to be for the washing machine, can also be used decoratively. It is bronze in color Made of high quality copper and protected against corrosion and rust.

Jooheli old griffin

This is a decorative faucet strong alloy, anti-rust, strong and durable. What stands out the most is the carved dragon he wears, which gives him an oriental air.

Although it is focused on the kitchen, bathroom or garden, it can be placed anywhere since you can consider it functional (on the wall) or decorative.

Garden Faucet Buying Guide

A garden tap should be tough, weatherproof and above all be practical for you. Therefore, when choosing from the many that are on the market, you should consider the following:


There are many garden taps. Of several kinds. That’s why buying is often not as simple as going to a store, choosing a faucet and installing it.

In fgeneral, there are taps with a single outlet or two, that is, some have only one water outlet while others have the option of splitting the water flow into two different outlets. They are ideal for placing two pipes or for two types of fountains (a pipe and having water to fill a bucket or similar).

We also have the decorative faucets, which do not fulfill the function of watering, but are placed as a decoration in the garden to simulate, but without having any function.

Ultimately, We have them in different colors. Before it was usual to find them in silver or black, but now many turn into other colors such as green, red, yellow… The objective is that they can be easily located thanks to this contrast and this color that stands out on the surfaces and/or walls.

indoor or outdoor

As we have already told you, garden taps can be similar to those that we have inside the houses. Or they may be focused outward only.

The The difference between one and the other lies in the materials and finishes. Since, if the faucet is to be outside in the open air, it must have a protective layer against the sun, rain and cold. If you have this faucet indoors (for example, in a garden shed), this protection will no longer be as necessary and they may be cheaper (unless you are guided by decoration).


A garden tap is not expensive. If you don’t want it to be very decorative and functional, for around 3 euros you can find suitable models. Obviously, the better quality and functionality, along with other additional accessories, the more expensive. But the vast majority would not reach 15-20 euros.

Now, when it comes to decorative garden taps, things change since the purpose of these is not so much to serve as a source of water but to decorate. And these can be more expensive.

Or buy?

garden tap

Do you already have everything clearer? So the next step you should take is to go buy one. And for that, we are going to offer shops in which you will find a variety of prices as well as designs and models. This way there will always be one that meets the functions and aesthetics you are looking for.


Amazon is one of the stores that increasingly has a larger catalog. In terms of faucets, there is a wide variety, both well-known and lesser-known brands.

Thanks to the reviews, since almost everything is specified in each model, you can get an idea of ​​which one to buy.

Now well, it does not have as much quantity as with other products. Still, it can be a good option to consider.


At Bauhaus, we have selected, in the garden and irrigation category, the flush valve and dial valve options, places where the different products that interest us are located.

Its catalog offers affordable prices adapted to the product itself, and you can find mostly “normal” or basic faucets. They are suitable for placing a hose so that water comes out directly through them. There are even duplicates.


Bricomart has its own category of garden taps on its website, which makes searching much easier. As for the products, they do not reach 20, but you can find many types which means you are more likely to get the most suitable one for you.

Leroy Merlin

Also in Leroy Merlin you will have your own category for garden taps. Here you will find more variety in terms of double tapping if you need it. As well exceeds in number of products the previous stores (except Amazon) which will help you more to get what you are looking for.

As for their prices, they are a little more expensive than in other stores, but it is worth it because Many of these models are not there.

As you can see, there are several options to choose from. The next step you need to do is find that garden tap that meets all the requirements to be the ideal one and buy it at a good price. Do you have any other suggestions for future buyers?

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