How to buy a good extendable outdoor table

extendable outdoor table

Imagine that you are preparing a meal for friends or family. And at the moment of truth your table stays small. For this, nothing better than an extendable outdoor table. But, how do you buy it so that it works for you and lasts for many years?

If you want to make a good purchase you need to know the most important factors. And also take a look at the best tables on the market. Are we going with?

Top 1. Best Extendable Outdoor Table


  • Table top in aluminum slats.
  • He has triangular legs.
  • It’s light.

The inconvenients

  • It scratches easily.
  • It can happen unbalanced.
  • If there is a lot of wind, the table can tip over if you don’t have weight on it.

Selection of extendable outdoor tables

You are not convinced by this first choice? Don’t worry, here we leave you other outdoor tables that can be useful.

blumfeldt Pamplona Outdoor Table

This rectangular table It will serve you up to 6 people. It is made of aluminum with glass and its maximum surface is 180 x 83 centimeters.

Keter – Harmony extendable outdoor dining table

This extendable table is reinforced with aluminum hinges. It can reach 240 centimeters.

Extendable garden table RESOL Vegas 100×260/300 cm

chocolate in color, Extendable outdoor table for 12 people. Folded it is 100×260 while open it rises to 300 centimeters. It is made of polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass and UV protection.

Extendable Garden Table 160 to 210 cm in Teak Wood

This table has an oval shape and is made of teak wood. need periodic treatment to avoid shaving. In addition, assembly is quick and easy.

MOBILI FIVER, Extendable Table Emma 160 Rustic Wood Color

Made in Italy, it’s a large version of the brand’s Emma table. Its dimensions are 160 x 90 x 75.5 cm closed while, open, it can reach 200 or 240 cm. It is ideal for 10 people.

Buying guide for an extendable outdoor table

Extendable outdoor tables are a plus when it comes to decorating because with them you don’t have to buy a large table to accommodate all your guests if they only come occasionally. It takes up space and it will also look so big that it may not look good. In exchange, an expander has the facility to become “small” until it is necessary to give the maximum of its capacity.

And you want to know what you are going to look for to buy intelligently? Here we talk about the factors that we consider most important.


The color itself is not something very important to consider. But it influences, and a lot. For example, imagine you have an outdoor patio with a wooden floor, wooden sofas and everything with a rustic look. And you add an extendable metal outdoor table. The normal thing is that it goes out of tune a lot, and in the end it won’t decorate well (in fact it will ruin everything).

Try to stick to your color palette. because, otherwise, it would be necessary to redo the decoration so that it fits well into the whole.


The extendable outdoor tables are made with different materials such as aluminum, steel, wood and plastic. These are the main ones and these materials are chosen because they are known to hold up well outdoors. Now, each has its pros and cons. For example, in the case of wood, it is weather resistant, but it also requires more maintenance. The aluminum and steel ones are very strong, but they are also very cold and it will sometimes be difficult to remove certain stains. And the plastic ones are easy to clean and maintain, but they don’t last long, especially in bad weather.


It is true that we are talking about extendable outdoor tables, which allow many people to sit at the table. But these are limited, remember that. So you should know what size you can fit (It is useless to choose it when it is folded because when you extend it, you may not be able to have it in this area) as well as the maximum number of people you will invite (to buy a larger one or a smaller one).

In short, we advise you to measure the space where you are going to put it and consider it extended. If you buy it folded and then want to open it, you might end up with more than one problem.

Choose a size that matches your available space and the number of people you want to be able to seat at the table


Regarding the price, the truth is that the size, the material and even the color influence it. In general, you can buy an extendable outdoor table between 100 and more than 1000 euros. Why such a big fork? Mainly because of the size of this table and the hardware.

Or buy?

buy an extendable outdoor table

You’ve seen it all, so the last step you need to take is purchase. Do you know where to buy an extendable outdoor table? You will probably say in the shops, but have you stopped to think where it would be better? Good because they give us more options or where the prices are cheaper.

We analyzed a few of them and here is what we found.


On Amazon you will find a lot of results, but in terms of price, they are a little higher than in other stores (which is why you should keep this in mind). In addition, it is practical that you review the characteristics well because sometimes shipping costs are added.

The Corte Ingles

In El Corte Inglés there is a section for garden tables, but it doesn’t let us separate by expandables. So we did a general search to find several products, at prices a little more expensive than in other stores.


Although at Ikea we have a section of outdoor tables for the garden and terrace, the truth is that it is difficult to find only the extendable tables because we have not found a filter that only gives us these items . So using the search shows us 3 products (actually only one with variants). Also, you can’t buy it online.

Leroy Merlin

Finally, we have Leroy Merlin. This is one of the stores where you can find these tables cheaper. For this, it has its exclusive section for tables but, In the filters that it allows you to put, by type of product, you can make it show you only the extendable garden tables, which are the ones that interest us. Then you can put them according to your budget.

You will find a large number of tables to choose the one that suits you best. And the prices would be in line with what this product is worth.

Have you already opted for your extendable outdoor table?

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