How to buy a patio table

How to buy a patio table

Imagine that you are on your terrace, sitting in an armchair and quietly reading a book. You are thirsty and go for a glass of lemonade. You sit down and… are you going to have one hand for the glass and the other for the book? Surely not, so you’ll want to leave the lemonade on a patio table to continue enjoying the reading. But do you know how to choose well?

There are many patio tables, from those used for dining to those that are accessories, such as side tables. Want to know how to buy them? And discover the best on the market? So take a look at what we have prepared for you.


Top 1. The best terrace table


  • Expandable.
  • Made of aluminum.
  • Finished with a coat of paint to protect it from water and UV rays.

The inconvenients

  • It scratches easily.
  • Brittle.
  • Assembly problem.

Selection of tables for terraces

Here we leave you with a wider selection of tables for terraces so you can choose the one you like the most and that suits you best.

Relaxdays square garden table

Made of metal, it is a side table. It is square and measures 46 x 46 x46 cm. It is powder coated in black.

KG KitGarden, C84, Multifunctional Folding Table

In this case you have a square table (although it is also round), white. Its dimensions are 84 x 84 x 74 cm, ideal for four people and foldable for transport or storage when not in use.

Keter Baltimore – Outdoor dining table for up to 6 seats

Measuring 100 x 177 x 71 cm, it is a graphite table that can be combined with other furniture from the same collection. It can accommodate 6 people.

Relaxdays, Brown, Folding Garden and Terrace Table

Brown in color, it measures 73 x 180 x 74 cm. It has room for eight people and has a finish that looks a lot like wood. In addition, it is foldable with a handle to be able to transport it.

Chicreat – Aluminum table with Polywood top

It is a square size table, 90 x 90 x 75 cm, although it can also be found in other sizes. The surface is made of Polywood and has an eco-friendly powder coat finish to protect it from water and UV rays.

Patio Table Buying Guide

When buying a terrace table, you must take into account the use you are going to give it, its size and some other aspects to remember so that it lasts a long time. But what are the most important factors? We comment on them.

The size and shape

The first of these is size and shape. Depending on what you want, you can choose one size or another.

For example, if you want it for a dining room, then you know that it must be high, wide for the guests you are going to invite and in a shape suitable for your terrace: rectangular, square, round, etc.

In general, there are two questions you should ask yourself. One of them is why you are going to use the table. The answer is simple since it will be between two options: large and high to eat on, or low to serve as a coffee table or as a side table to leave some things there while you are sitting on a chair or in an armchair.

The second question is what shape it should have. Depending on the space, you can choose one or the other. There are generally four shapes: rectangular, oval, round or square. Sometimes, but if you looked hard enough, you could find a corner. You can even opt for ones that are expanded or ones that are collapsible so you don’t have a problem with the weather.


The truth is that there are many materials for terrace tables: wood, iron, stainless steel, plastic… In this case, we advise you to choose according to the weather. If you have a terrace where it rains, it is sunny, etc. It is better to have one that is weatherproof or collapsible and you can store it in a place where it does not suffer so that it lasts longer.


As for the color, it will depend on the decoration you have so that it combines well. In fact, you can find almost any color. Although the most common are black, white, brown (wood) and green. Grays are also becoming very fashionable because they are colors that can go with everything.


Let’s talk price. A patio table depends on its size and material to make it more or less expensive. In general, you can find this type of table from 20 euros, the short ones that serve as an auxiliary. The biggest ones can be worth more than 200 euros (but for 50-80 we can find some).

Or buy?

buy garden aid

Now that you know everything you need to consider when buying a patio table, the next thing you need to consider is where you are going to buy it. And in this regard, we can also help you a little.

Here we suggest some stores to visit.


Amazon is one of the first because of the variety it has, but also because they deliver it to your doorstep and you don’t have to carry it.

Most of the time they will come disassembled, but it won’t be a problem to assemble them yourself in minutes. And the best thing is that you can find original ones.


In the case of Carrefour, here it happens like at Amazon. You’ll have variety and they’ll bring them home. In physical stores you will not find as many models as if you ordered them online.


In this case, you will find different sizes and formats, depending on the use you want to make of it. You have had them since they were little, which are central or auxiliary dining tables, or garden tables.

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin too there will be a variety of choices, with tables of different sizes, some folding, and also side tables so you can use them as an annex to an armchair or sofa that you place on the terrace .

Have you already opted for your patio table?

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