How to buy garden gravel

garden gravel

Surely you have seen garden gravel more than once in some photos and you have been enchanted by the result obtained. Perhaps you yourself have considered putting it in your garden, but when deciding which one is better or if professionals are needed to put it.

In this we can help you, because we will not only show you products that can be used for your garden, but also We give you a hand so you know what to look for when buying and how to place it. Do you dare to do it?


Top 1. The best gravel for the garden


  • 99% natural white.
  • medium stones.
  • Good drainage.

The inconvenients

  • High price.
  • You need a lot to cover well a surface.

Selection of garden gravels

Here are some other garden gravel products that can surely help you.

ICA GC32 Classic Colored Gravel, Blue

It’s a one kilo bag of high quality blue color gravel. Although it is used in aquariums, it can also be put in gardens, although for this it is necessary to buy a large quantity. Also, keep in mind that it turns blue on contact with water, in addition to the fact that it crumbles quickly.

Ancokig Pebbles Gravel Polished

With a kilo of polished gravel, you will have natural stones so they will be different from each other. They are intended for indoor or outdoor use but for the price they have they can be expensive if you need to cover a large area.

clleylise decorative stones

You will buy a one kilo bag which will contain approximately 50 colored pebbles. They are lightly polished and can be used indoors (in aquariums, vases, etc.) or in the garden (although in this case it can be very expensive.

Boladeta – Large Black Decorative Stones

It is black gravel, perfect for decorating gardens, pots, etc. They have one high strength and large size (from 24 to 40 mm). It is made in Spain and has multiple uses.

In addition, being black stands out since it is not easy to find it in this color. The bag weighs 20 kilos.

Alan Stone – Glow in the Dark Decorative Gravel

This gravel is available in several colors and also in Different sizes ranging from 3-5 mm to 15-22 mm.

It is distinguished by its color but above all because it glows in the dark.

How to make a garden with gravel?

Laying garden gravel is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. In fact, you, without the need for professionals, could make it happen.

The first thing you should know where you want to place the gravel. You need to prepare this area, that is, clear it of everything that it has at this time. For example, if you have a lawn and want to put gravel in, you will need to remove the grass first before you can use it. It would also be necessary to level the area and leave it even so that no bumps are visible when placing the gravel.

The new step that you must take into account is to prepare the tools, both those that you are going to use.

For gravel, always keep in mind that you will need apply a few coats so that they fit well and cover the entire space. One of the first doubts you will have is how much gravel you need to cover. Well, it’s easy to calculate: you have to multiply the square meters you want to cover by the centimeters of layer thickness. This will give you a result in cubic meters. And you’ll have to convert that to kilos if you can’t find it with that measurement.

A trick to avoid weed problems is to place, before the gravel, a weed screen which will prevent anything that may be born below from being able to cross the stones until it comes out completely.

Garden gravel buying guide

Buying garden gravel is not an easy task. First, you will see that you have many products to choose from, there will be colors, shades that complement each other, white, black… And each of them may or may not be more suitable for your garden. Moreover, it would also influence if you have children, pets, etc. because they can make you opt for one type or another.

Want to know what to look for to make a good purchase? We therefore give you here three important keys.


The size of the gravel matters for two reasons: firstly, because you will cover more or less space by using more or less garden gravel; on the other hand, because if you put it too small in the end it will erode sooner and you will have to replace it.

In fact, there are more influencing factors like having children who can put gravel in their mouths, pets that eat gravel, etc.

Also depending on what you want to cover it may be more interesting to do with coarse or fine gravel. For example, if it’s around a pool, you can go fine (and polish to make it stand out); but if it’s for a garden, coarse white gravel will work best (and help keep weeds out).


Another aspect to consider when buying garden gravel is color. Not only do they sell it in white but you can also find it in colors, shades that combine (cream, brown, white, orange, etc.) or even colors that light up at night.

Here, focus more on the decoration and the use that you are going to give it because the color will depend on it, do not base yourself on the novelty or what attracts your attention the most.


Finally we have the price. If you want to stick to your budget, you have to keep it in mind because there is a lot of variety and a lot of prices to consider.

In general, garden gravel is sold by the kilo. It ranges from half a kilo to 1000 or even more depending on where you buy it. Their prices vary between 3 and more than 100 euros, which can cost you the most (more than 1000 kilos).

Or buy?

buy garden gravel

Now that you know everything you need to know about garden gravel, it’s time to go out and buy it, or do it online. We’ve taken a look at some stores and here’s what you can find there.


This may be where you will find more variety, yes, taking into account that there are not as many items in this category as others. Still, they are fine. They give different products and it helps to choose the most suitable one.

In terms of price, they can be more expensive than on other sites, especially from third-party sellers.


At Bricomart it’s not that we’re going to find much to look at, because he has very few products online. 6 precisely when we looked.

As for the prices, they are not bad, considering that there are quite a few kilos.

Leroy Merlin

By applying the gravel filter so that it only shows us related articles, the results are much more varied. They have over 50 items so you can find more variety than in the previous store.

Regarding the price, they come out cheaper than at Bricomart and even, in some cases, at Amazon.

Do you already know where you are going to buy the garden gravel you need?

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