How to get a green lawn?

You can have green grass all year round

Is it possible to have a green lawn all year round? Yes, of course, but for that you have to choose one that adapts well to our climate, otherwise you can only enjoy it in good weather. In addition, it is important that we take care of it, that is, we keep it hydrated and fertilized, and that we can do it if necessary so that it looks like what interests us: a beautiful natural carpet .

So if you want to know the secrets of green grass, then we will tell you everything so that you too can brag about it.


Choose the most suitable grass for your climate

Green lawn requires maintenance

Lawn is something that is widely used in a garden. This allows us to sit on it, play with children safely and ultimately enjoy our free time and loved ones more. Therefore, it is very important that we choose the type of grass that best adapts to the climate of the region where we live.

So we would have:

  • Grass for hot climates:
    • fine grass (Cynodon dactylon): resists trampling well, and likes heat. It also tolerates cold, although it lives best in frost-free areas.
    • Coarse grass or kikuyu (pennisetum clandestinum): it is a type of grass highly recommended in places where the temperatures in summer are very high, such as in southern Spain where they can reach and even exceed 40ºC. In addition, it is resistant to drought and trampling. But it is very invasive: it should not be planted with other herbs. He also doesn’t like the cold very much.
    • Zoysia japonica: slower growing than other grasses, this may interest you if you do not want to cut it very often. Resists drought and trampling.
  • grass for cold climates:
    • English ryegrass (perennial lolium): it is one of the most recommended grasses for climates where frosts are recorded. It resists very well to low temperatures, and it is also a beautiful grass, bright green.
    • Festuca arundinacea: growth a little slower than the previous one, it is a resistant species which does not require much attention. Of course, it is not the most resistant to trampling, so it is recommended to mix it with rye grass or others.
    • Poah (poa pratensis): it is a grass that takes root quickly and is very resistant. It can be used alone or mixed with others.

Prepare the soil before planting

This can be taken for granted, but it is not always done well. And it is that before sowing the lawn, stones and wild grass must be removed, because otherwise it will not be as we would like. This can be done by first running the tiller, then using a rake to pile the grass, then tossing it into the compost pile. Stones of a certain size are objects that look great at the edge of the lawn, as well as around trees; so feel free to put them there for example.

Then another thing to do is install a drip irrigation system. It is the most recommended because it allows us to hydrate the plants and therefore also the lawn without losing a lot of water, which is why it is widely used in the Mediterranean region, where months can pass without rain.

Sow the seeds well

Do you want to have a green lawn? So when you sow the seeds, you have to do it with patience. They are sown “on the fly”, but you have to follow an order and see where you have already put them so as not to pile them upOtherwise, we will end up with very dense areas and others with very little grass.

If the area is very large, it will be strongly advised to measure a square meter by eye, for example, and sow the seeds in this area. When it’s done, throw seeds in another square meter, and so on until we’re done.

Mow the lawn as needed

The lawn is mowed 3 times a year

Sometimes you make the mistake of cutting it too often. Thus, it weakens and may lose its green and healthy appearance. For this reason, we advise you to be patient, to know the grass you have sown, to see if it grows fast or slow, and how long it takes to grow. And it is that in general, It should not be pruned more than once a week in summer, and once or twice a month the rest of the year.

Believe me, to keep your lawn in good condition, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on it. It’s best to let it grow a bit and then cut it to the height you want.

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Pay it three times a year

To have green grass all year round it must be fertilized from time to time: once in spring, once in summer and once in autumn. To do this, slow-release fertilizers will be used so that the herbs have it little by little. If we were using a quick release one, we would have to cut it more often because it would push faster.

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When and how to fertilize the lawn?

You have to spread it by hand trying to make it as uniform as possible.. Likewise, it is important that the dosage indicated by the manufacturer is not exceeded, otherwise the roots will burn. When we have finished fertilizing, we will water.

keeps me from getting sick

You can prevent the lawn from getting sick

In addition to what we have told you, there is something else you can do to make grass green, and it is this:

  • When you cut it, rake it and discard pruning debris.
  • If there is a rain forecast, it is interesting to apply a preventive treatment with fungicide so that fungi do not damage it.
  • leaves no dirt on the grass.
  • If you have cats and/or dogs, it is best to prevent them from defecating on the lawn, but if this is not possible, it is important to remove their droppings and water the grass with a hose to clean it.

This way you will have a green lawn all year round.

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