How to make a homemade seed sprouter

When in certain cultures we do not make a nursery, either because it is not interesting to do so, or these are cultures which prefer direct sowing or because we are already in the season to put some in the garden , you can use this homemade sprouter to do a “pre-germination” and make sure that the seed you put in the ground will germinate.

how to make a homemade seed sprouter

Since making a sprouter is simple, we will save ourselves from later suffering, wondering why we had a seed without germinating in the garden or an empty hole, losing space where we could have a plant.

It is useful for large seeds, in this case I used bean seeds of the “Perona” variety which I soaked the day before.


How to make a homemade seed sprouter

Now let’s see how to make a homemade vertical seed sprouter step by step and easily.


  • Thin cardboard and undyed paper bags also work.
  • elastic bands
  • A cylindrical jar or container.
  • Preferably rain or distilled water.

Step 1

To start our homemade sprouter, we cut out two pieces of cardboard with approximate measurements of 20x15cm.


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2nd step

We will put the seeds that we choose to germinate, we will distribute them on top, between 8 to 10 seeds.

how to make a sprouter

Step 3

We cover the seeds with the other piece of cardboard and roll it up carefully so that the seeds move as little as possible, finally we hold it with a rubber band.

how to make a homemade sprouter

how to make a sprouter

Step 4

We put the roll in the pot with the seeds on top (out of the jar) and fill it with water.

how to make a sprouter

We place the homemade seed sprouter in a place dark and warm and we wait about six days.

homemade sprouter

We already have the sprouted seeds. The advantage of this home sprouting system is that the hypocotyl (underground part of the main stem) It is perfectly straight with no malformations, which greatly increases the chance that the seedling will thrive.

homemade seed sprouter

And the seed goes from our homemade sprouter to the ground, making sure the plant will sprout.

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how to make a sprouter


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