How to store fennel

Fennel is a vegetable that It is usually harvested in the fall. , before the winter cold, since frost damages it. After harvesting, it must be thoroughly cleaned Of the earth , usually the roots are cut and the stems are shortened, cutting off the clumps of the upper leaves. At this point, the piece is ready to be washed and cooked.

fennel It is not a vegetable that lasts long off the ground. , although it is certainly not the most delicate vegetable. The mass is quite strong, but over time it tends to lose quality and dehydrate. We have already seen in detail how to grow fennel, now we see some tips for caring for it after harvest.

The good preservation of the vegetable is important to get the most out of the work done in the garden, although the ideal is to make a planting scalar plan the harvest so that there is no excess but as continuous production as possible.

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  • How to Store Raw Fennel

    • Storage in the fridge or in the fridge

    • frozen fennel

  • How to store fennel already cut

  • Storing cooked fennel

  • Conservation of wild fennel


How to Store Raw Fennel

Raw fennel after harvest can be stored for a long time, storing it for almost a month.

Storage in the fridge or in the fridge

In a cool place. The first precaution to take when storing fennel is that the root ball is completely dry and that there is no soil residue, which can contain moisture and spores, which promotes rotting of the vegetable. . The ideal place to keep them should be dark, cool and not too humid, with a temperature between three and six degrees. It’s fine to put these vegetables in a box of classic fruits and vegetables, but they must not overlap too much (maximum two layers). If stored this way, the vegetables will last about three weeks.

In the refrigerator. Fennels can also be stored in the refrigerator, they will keep for about twenty or thirty days. The limit for those who have a simple household appliance and not a cell phone is that there are only a few packages.

Freeze the bundles

frozen fennel . You can also choose to freeze this vegetable so that it will be available for four to five months. The result is not great due to the high water content of this vegetable. If you still want to put the fennel in the freezer, I recommend washing and chopping it, and using the clear freezer bags. If necessary, you can also freeze already cooked fennel.

How to store fennel already cut

Once the clumps are cut, they have a it lasts a few days and they should be stored in the refrigerator or put in the freezer to prolong their shelf life.

After cutting the fennel, to prevent it from turning black, I recommend wet them with lots of lemon, whose acidity also marries well with the flavor.

Serve the cooked fennel

Even cooked fennel does not keep very long and must be stored in the refrigerator, you can keep it for two or three days As long as it’s covered. The freezing alternative is valid, the result is better than raw fennel.

Serve wild fennel

The wild variety of fennel, or fennel, is an interesting aromatic herb, also grown for the leaves and seeds. If the piece of fennel does not last very long, once harvested, the fennel is even more perishable. The seeds, on the other hand, once dry, last a long time.

Then the wild fennel continues to dry the umbrellas, save the seeds and use them when needed (for flavoring and making decoctions and infusions), the leaves, on the contrary, if they are not used immediately, it is better to freeze them after washing them.

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