How to water the poinsettia

One of the biggest challenges for those buying poinsettias before the Christmas holidays is being able tor keep a few more months in perfect condition, retaining all its green and red leaves.

And it is that one of the biggest problems with which we find ourselves in his care is the excess water. In 90% of cases, we always provide more water than necessary.

A serious problem, especially in winter.

Therefore, in this article, we want teach you how to water the poinsettiaby calculating the exact water dose and frequency of irrigation.

This, plus a good location with good lighting and a steady supply of nutrients, will keep your poinsettia or poinsettia exuberant (Euphorbia pulcherrima).

How to water the poinsettia: control the amount of water and the frequency. To finish.


Amount of water for our poinsettia

The irrigation dose for watering potted plants, like our poinsettia, should not be calculated by eye. In professional agriculture, an irrigation percentage is usually determined based on the volume of the pot. In the case of the poinsettia, since it is usually kept at home during the winter months, excess humidity should be avoided.

For the poinsettia, we will water 20% of the volume of the pot.

That is, if, for example, we buy a poinsettia with a pot of 1 liter in volume, we water it with 200 ml of water, distributing it evenly over the entire substrate.

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How often to water the poinsettia

Very important for success no defined time frequency and it will depend on your home conditions, especially humidity.

Usually, for a house with an average temperature of 21 ºC, a relative humidity of 50% and a good disposition to light, but without direct sunlight, we water 1 time every 5-7 days.

However, the best way to know when to water our poinsettia is check manually.

We must introduce the first phalanx of our index finger, almost twice the length of our fingernail. In these first centimeters of substrate, we feel the humidity.

If when removing the finger, there is no remains stuck to the finger, it is a sign that we have to provide water.

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