Is it possible to have a poinsettia outside?

The poinsettia can be outside

The poinsettia, also called poinsettia, is a bush that is grown only for Christmas, without knowing that with very basic care, it can live for a few years. In fact, it is a perennial plant and not seasonal. The problem is that often you don’t have it in the right place, and that’s when you have to wonder if it can be outside. Or not only that, but also this other: Is the poinsettia an outdoor plant?

And the answer to this question will give us the thermometer. Yes, no kidding: if it’s hot, you can go out; in exchange, if in autumn and winter the temperatures drop below ten degrees Celsius, we will have no choice but to keep it indoors during these seasons (when the good weather returns, we can take it out again).

How do you care for a poinsettia outdoors?

The poinsettia is an outdoor shrub

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For this, you must first know that it is a plant that needs heat, light, soil that drains water well, and of course also water, since its resistance to drought is rather weak. From there, we can talk in more detail about each of the treatments we will provide while you are away:

Sun or shade?

Yes, I just said he needs light, but direct or filtered? Good, if we are going to choose to have it at home for a few months a year, it is best to protect it from direct sunlight when we take it out. And that’s important for a reason: it’s the only way to keep the leaves from burning.

Another thing would be if we live in an area where it is warm all year round and we decide to always have it in the garden. In this case, what we would do is expose it little by little and gradually to direct sunlight.

Pot or soil?

the poinsettia grows best in the ground. It should be taken into account that it reaches a height of up to 4 meters, and also branches a lot (not as much as a tree would, for example, but it can have a crown of 2-3 meters wide). Of course, it can be potted; In fact, it is strongly recommended to keep it in a container when it is going to be put inside the house as soon as the temperatures begin to drop; but if there are never frosts and we have a garden, it is better to plant it in open ground.

As for the soil, it must be rich in organic matter and well drained.. In pots, some people choose to plant it in a substrate for cacti and succulents, but I recommend filling the container with a universal substrate like this. Likewise, it is very important that said pot has holes in the base for the water to come out.

When should it be watered?

Assuming it’s not drought tolerant, but doesn’t like standing water in its roots, what we are going to do is see if the soil is wet or dry before watering. To do this, we will introduce a wooden stick, and if when we take it out we see that it is dry, then we will water it conscientiously; that is, pour water until the earth is soaked.

If in doubt, take a look at this video in which we explain how to water the plants as if you were an expert:

And by the way use rainwateror which has a low lime content.

When do you have to pay for the poinsettia outside?

This should be done while it is growing, that is, from mid-spring to late summer.. We want it to come in winter as hard as possible, so the more it can grow throughout the year, the better chance it has of surviving Christmas.

For all this, I recommend fertilizing it with an organic fertilizer that contains many nutrients, such as guano (on sale here), which also has a rapid effectiveness. But be careful: it is a very concentrated fertilizer, so although it is natural, you have to follow the instructions on the packaging so that problems do not arise.

When is the best time to plant it in the ground or in a larger pot?

The poinsettia is easy to transplant

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How to transplant a poinsettia

the poinsettia will be planted in the ground in the spring. It should be done when temperatures exceed 15°C, as this is when it begins to resume growth.

In case you want to keep it in a pot, this will be done when the roots appear through the holes in it, also throughout the spring.

Are poinsettias cold hardy?

Poinsettia flowers in winter

East it is a plant that resists cold, but not frost. This means that it can be outdoors all year round in places with tropical and subtropical climates, but not in temperate ones. For this reason, in countries like Spain, it is usually grown as a houseplant, since, with the exception of certain points in the Canary Islands and southern Andalusia, it is difficult for it to survive the ‘winter.

For him, it is important that if we live in a place where it usually freezes, we take it inside the house before temperatures begin to drop below 15°C.

I hope you can enjoy your poinsettia outdoors.

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