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John Deere is known for its riding mowers, but not everyone can afford a mower and they don’t really need one. This is where classic push models come in. Fortunately, John Deere also offers a great selection of these mowers. The first of this family on our list is the R40 push mower. This excellent machine will set you back just under £350, which is a bit pricey for a push model, but still very acceptable. Of course, that price would be ridiculous if the mower didn’t have the features to justify that price, and of course it does.

We start with the engine. The R40, like all John Deere mowers, is powered by a Briggs and Stratton engine. In the case of the R40, it’s a B&S 4hp 2.9kW engine, a pretty good little engine that provides good cutting in all conditions. Sure, the lawn mower may not be able to cut the toughest, toughest grass, but that’s more than a match for a standard suburban lawn. The engine is a recoil starter and starts immediately, with only one or two pulls on the cord.

As for the platform, we have a 40cm (16″) polypropylene platform. It is strong and sturdy enough, able to withstand a long life, but also light enough. After all, it is a push mower and it should not be too heavy so as not to fatigue the pusher.The handlebar also helps as it is adjustable making the machine suitable for both tall and short people. 16″ allows the mower to focus more on smaller yards, as mid-size mower decks start at 18″. It also features central cutting height adjustment.

When it comes to clippings, this machine allows you to bag or dump clippings. The mower cannot mulch so it is a 2 in 1 but it can be modified and you have the option of buying and installing a mulching kit. Whether it’s a worthwhile investment or not is up to you, as the mulching kit costs an extra £80.

Overall, the R40 push mower is a great little machine, designed for smaller gardens. It has a good, reliable engine and starts quickly and smoothly, it’s powerful enough to cut grass in most conditions, and it has a sturdy cutting deck that can stand the test of time and frequent use. . The only downside is that it can’t be shredded immediately, but it’s a minor infraction that can be easily mitigated.

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