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Our next entry is another part of the X100 family. This time we have a slightly more powerful model, the X135. If you thought the first lawnmower was great, you should definitely check this one out. Of course, more features and better specs justify the higher price, and getting this trimmer is no small feat. If you’re planning on ordering the X135, you’ll need to shell out around £2,900. However, if you think about it, £400 isn’t much more considering what you get for it.

So what do you get? For starters, you again get a Briggs and Stratton engine, which is a standard engine for John Deere powered machines. But instead of a single cylinder, you get a 656cc twin-cylinder engine. The X125 can cut just about anything, but with the X135 there’s literally nothing to get in its way. The engine can propel the mower to a top speed of 8.5 mph, which isn’t bad at all for a riding mower, so you can finish mowing much sooner than a conventional mower.

However, the X135 has a smaller platform than the X125. As we mentioned, the X125 has a 42-inch deck, while the X135 has a 36-inch deck. But with the X135 you can adjust the deck height and you can lower it to 25mm or raise it up to 89mm. The Edge cutting system coupled with a deep domed deck design lifts the grass allowing for a much cleaner cut. The lawn mower is also a 3 in 1 and has the option of collecting grass (300 liter bag), mulching it and throwing it away.

But the X135 is more than just a tool. It is also designed for comfort. Ride-on mowers are designed for much larger lawns than regular lawnmowers, which means you’ll be sitting around for a while, so comfort is much appreciated. For this reason, the footrests of the X135 are equipped with non-slip and anti-vibration (rubber) soles, so that your foot is as comfortable as in a car. Not only that, but the X135 has a built-in reclining seat, with lumbar support, to make those long hours of sitting easier and more bearable.

In general, John Deere mowers are among the best, and among the best, the X135 is in the inner circle. Powerful twin-cylinder engine and comfortable enough to sit on, this mower is the ideal machine for anyone with a large lawn to mow.

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