lucky plants

lucky plants

Not only can having plants in the home be decorative, but they can also serve a purpose. According to some popular beliefs, there are plants that bring good luck and, caring for them in a home, allows all the people who live there to enjoy them.

But what are these plants? If you are already wondering, we are not going to keep you waiting and then you will learn about some of them and why they are said to bring good luck.


lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a fast growing plant

This is how they sell it in stores, sometimes at very affordable prices. In fact, they say that if you have it at home it will attract good luck and fill the house with tranquility and well-being.

Although they sell it to us to grow in water, the truth is that sooner or later you will have to plant it in the ground.

Pilea peperomioides

Pilea peperomioides

This plant is one of the best known on Instagram, but it is also said that attracts money, prosperity and luck.

If we add to this the fact that it is one of the plants that will give us the least problems and that it can grow very quickly, we have a super plant with which to decorate and, incidentally, attract everything good with us.

Aquatic Pachira

Aquatic Pachira Treatment

This plant, which many believe is very difficult to care for, is quite the opposite, although it has its peculiarities. But we recommend it because it is one of the lucky plants.

The reason is also that, according to Feng Shui, its leaves are very special. By having five leaves in a group, these represent the five essential elements i.e. metal, fire, earth, wood and water. And the tangling trunk symbolizes both the union of good and the future.


Indoor plants can stop growing

The phytonia is a plant that we see more and more. The good thing is that you have it in different colors. As for good luck, this factory focuses primarily on opening paths, knocking down obstacles which can pass in front of your target. For this reason, it is always recommended when you are looking for a job, moving or going to start a business.

Whatever you are going to start with, with this plant, you may have a better chance of going well.


There are many types of Crassula, such as Crassula ovata

Crassula oval

If you are not good with your hands, or if you do not have time to take care of them, you can opt for succulents, which you only have to water them and the less you realize it. As lucky plants, we suggest the crassula, as it is responsible for attracting fortune.

Of course, to accomplish its mission, one condition must be fulfilled: that is planted to the right of the house and oriented to the north. If you put it somewhere else, it won’t work.



Lavender is one of the plants chosen for its beauty and for the pleasant smell it gives off. But the truth is that it is one of the lucky plants that It is responsible for protecting the house against bad energies.

To have it, it is enough to provide it with 6 hours of daily sunshine and a good moist substrate.



Image – Flickr/John Lillis

The potho itself is a plant that attracts a lot of attention. Whether you place it suspended or with a guide in the ground to tangle it, it will grow firmly and quickly.

Now, why is it a lucky plant? Because we say that it has Yang energy, and it allows wherever you place it to revitalize all the energy endowing it with positivity.

Also remember that it is an air purifier, so it absorbs negative energies and transforms them into positive ones.



In summer, basil is the protagonist of many homes as protection against mosquitoes. But the truth is that it attracts luck. In the Hindu religion this plant is sacred because it is a representation of the goddess Tulasí.

What can you do? It will serve as a barrier to bad luck while attracting good as well as fortune.


White jasmine is a perennial flowering vine

Few people resist not having this plant at home. It is one of the most beautiful that exists, with abundant flowering and very aromatic flowers. It is a climber, so you can have it outside the house and integrate it throughout your home, protecting it.

And it is that, in addition to being one of the lucky plants, it is also It will attract money and prosperity.

You can even have it in your bedroom as it will help you sleep better.



Perhaps you have not heard of this plant, or it does not seem familiar to you by this name. But if you are told that it is commonly called “Chinese orange of abundance” that can change.

It is an outdoor plant that you can place in your garden or terrace and the best thing is that when it blooms, its fruits are full of positive energy which serves as a block to prevent the negative from entering (It’s like kicking him out). In addition, it has a very intoxicating aroma of orange blossom.



You won’t say that geraniums aren’t beautiful plants. They are always very showy and striking. But they are also those they attract money.

Of course, we recommend that you place them in a very sunny place and that they are in a southern location so that they fulfill this function.



Sanseviera is a plant which, through its leaves, is responsible for block and expel bad energies, as well as whispers, gossip and other things that are said about him.

If you have it at home, it will create a barrier that only good luck will enter. All the bad guys will stay out.


Clover is a wild grass

We’re done with this one because it really might be the first thing that comes to mind when we want something to bring us good luck. And in this case, there are two facts you might not know about clover.

First, it spawns every 10,000 three-leaf clovers. Yes, for 10,000 clubs, there will be one of fourThat’s why it’s so hard to find one. Second, did you know that its leaves represent faith, love, hope and luck? Well, it’s true, that’s why having a four-leaf clover is said to bring good luck in all aspects.

As you can see, there are many plants that bring good luck, so you just have to choose the ones you like the most and decorate your house with them to take advantage of this luck. Do you recommend more?

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