Maintaining your greenhouse in winter

have a tight in your garden it is a blessing, especially when used correctly. This investment offers many advantages, in particular to protect the plants from the cold, from the rain or to insulate the plants which develop diseases. However, when one wants to embark on this type of culture, it is necessary to know that several parameters come into account; temperature, brightness and humidity index, especially during the very cold period. We will see through this article, 3 tips for the maintenance of your tight in winter.


Keep an eye on the temperature

control the temperature of tight It’s not easy, especially when surrounded by glass, and it’s especially noticeable in the summer. However, when the first frosts appear, the cold is also felt inside.

The key to maintaining an adequate temperature is to keep the surface as clean as possible so that as much solar radiation as possible penetrates. If we are in a very cold area, we can pInsulate the garden shed with bubble wrap or polystyrene. Simply glue a few pieces to the wall and along the seams. If that’s not enough, you can count on a diesel heater for a greenhouse

let in the light

To grow and develop, plants need light to be able to extract all the energy they need. That is why before building a greenhouse, it is necessary to identify a bright and sunny place. However, if your vivarium is dark, it is possible to light it up. Buy a reflector and place it where there is more sunlight, otherwise a few sheets of Mylar film will work just as well. Cut long sheets that you will stick on one or both sides of the shelter. Regular window cleaning also provides more light.

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retain moisture

Like light, our flowers need humidity to best recreate a natural climatic condition, otherwise our plants will become dehydrated. To maintain humidity inside the greenhouse, be sure to water your plants regularly. Opting for drip irrigation is a good alternative to better control consumption. It is also possible to spray the foliage daily with water using a watering can. If you are lucky enough to find straw, place a few handfuls at the foot of the flowers, this also prevents the development of weeds. And to keep the air healthy, consider airing it as often as the weather permits.

Plants are oxygen factories and also CO2 factories. As soon as possible, open the doors wide to renew the confined air conducive to illness.

It is very important that in winter the ventilation is optimal, take advantage of the central hours of the day so that the temperature inside the greenhouse drops as little as possible.

when spring comes

  • Clean and tidy the inside of the greenhouse to make room for the first seedlings and plants awaiting planting. Start at the top, to have clean and free spaces to store the pots and bins stored since the fall.
  • Remove weeds, rake sand from shelves and add fresh sand if needed.

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