One handle, many functions: modular tools

Not everyone has space to store their gardening tools, and for those who cultivate a plot away from home, it can be tiring to carry all the tools at once.

In these cases it is very useful to have a modular tool system, which allows you to apply several heads on a single handle, obtaining from time to time the right tool for each job.

We highlight the FiskarsQuikFitdi Fiskars system, one of the most complete in terms of the number of tools on the market and which allows a range for all activities in the garden.

Between the heads are available all the necessary tools for cleaning the garden and the paths (broom, brush, scraper for leaks, snow shovel, “hand” leaf catchers, rakes), tools for garden cultivation (weeders, hoes, brush cutters, transplanters) , as well as pruning saws and fruit pickers Only tools whose handles are more stressed, such as shovels, spade forks and shovels, are excluded.

The QuikFitsi line is completed with handles in three possible lengths: short, medium and long, as well as two lengths of telescopic handles, ideal for use in the garden.

The quality of the materials is what distinguishes Fiskars products: the aim is to combine resistance and lightness. Telescoping handles are made from lightweight aluminum, fixed handles are made from hardened aluminum, each tool is designed to perform well in terms of durability and weight, while special care is taken in the construction of the blades.

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