Outdoor barbecue – Tips for my garden


outdoor barbecue

The outdoor barbecue must meet certain basic requirements to be truly functional. First of all it is important that the material with which it is made is resistant, since it will surely be placed in an outdoor environment, but it is also easy to clean since it is used to cook food and therefore must maintain standards high hygiene. . Many manufacturing companies have specialized in making this item and today you can choose from many different models. There are outdoor barbecues in the basic version that only have the coals with the oven but there are also models with many options that even have stoves, pots and storage compartments to store everything you need. you need for the barbecue.

Outdoor brick barbecue

Very popular with customers, outdoor masonry barbecues, which can be made yourself or entrusted to specialized companies. They have the particularity of being inserted in a fixed masonry structure which obviously guarantees greater stability and durability. Of course, to opt for this solution, the outdoor space must be sufficient to house what can become a real outdoor kitchen, suitable not only for creating embers but also for cooking with other types of cooking. In outdoor brick barbecues there can also be space for small cold rooms or ovens and, of course, many very useful compartments for storing plates, pots and everything you need to cook. the embers.

outdoor barbecue fireplaces

the outdoor barbecue pitsThis is the most classic type of brick barbecue. Very present in the old farmhouses, they are now made in a more modern tone but they keep their function intact: not only to allow cooking on the grill but also to exploit the full potential of cooking in the wood oven. Obviously, also in this case, this type of barbecue requires a fairly large outdoor space, since the barbecue chimney has quite large dimensions, but for those who have a garden or terrace with these characteristics, it is definitely worth it. install, because it allows you to cook food with different cooking techniques, all particularly suitable to enhance the flavor in the most optimal way! Barbecue chimneys can be made by yourself or with the help of skilled masons.

Let’s not forget an important aspect: outdoor ovens and barbecues must also look good since they are a very important piece of furniture for the outdoor environment that hosts them. In recent years, production companies have also taken care in crafting the design, from time to time choosing not only the most innovative technologies, but also the best materials. Among these, a large place is certainly given to steel, which can be the main element or the finishing element of masonry or stone works. Lately, however, wood is also gaining ground, as it is considered a natural material well suited to the garden. Obviously, the wood will continue to be treated with special techniques to increase its impermeability.

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