Piracanta – Tips for my garden


Origins and main characteristics of pyracantha

Pyracantha is a perennial shrub native to Asia and Europe and belonging to the Rosaceae family. It is an evergreen shrub, having a full-bodied stem with sharp thorns, small dark dark green leaves and small white flowers that bloom in spring. During the summer months, the plant produces berries, comparable in shape and color to small apples. These berries are edible and have a sweet taste, due to the presence of a high concentration of glucose. The name pyracanthacomes from the Greek word “pyracanthos”, where “pyr” can be translated as “fire” and “acanthos” can be translated as “thorns”, with the relative meaning of “fire of thorns”. In Italy, the bush is also known as Agazzino.

pyracantha – Pyracantha fruits»>Exposure and watering of pyracantha

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