Polycarbonate greenhouse. Advantages of this type of greenhouses

The polycarbonate greenhouse differs from other types of greenhouses because it is made of a fairly strong material. Unlike the plastics we commonly use for homemade greenhousesthis material is resistant to hail, heavy rain and violent blows and allows almost 90% of the light to pass through.

polycarbonate greenhouse

There are different types of polycarbonate greenhouses, but those with a thickness of 3 millimeters or more are recommended, as those of 2 mm may not be strong enough, but undoubtedly the best are those that contain a hollow chamber.


Main advantages of the polycarbonate greenhouse

Unlike other types of greenhouses, the polycarbonate greenhouse has certain advantages that must be taken into account.

Faster and easier installation

Most of the polycarbonate greenhouses on the market are pre-built, so with the assembly kit and its instructions, they are very easy to assemble in a few hours. You just have to choose the best place and the model and size that suits him best.

To offer

TecTake Transparent garden greenhouse made of polycarbonate...

TecTake Transparent garden greenhouse made of polycarbonate…

  • Sturdy anodized aluminum frame construction
  • Heat-insulating hollow-chamber honeycomb sheets
  • Protects plants from cold, rain, hail, wind and frost
  • UV resistant thanks to polycarbonate (PC) sheets (4 mm)

More customizable framework

Many models have more customizable frames than those made from other materials.

cheaper to buy

Because they are lightweight and can be purchased online. They are less expensive to purchase than other types of greenhouses with prices beyond the purchasing power of most.

polycarbonate greenhouse

Much stronger material

As we said, the polycarbonate greenhouse is much more durable than the plastic ones. Most of the models on the market are made from alveolar polycarbonate or alveolar sheets, which have a shape that makes them much more resistant, but still light and transportable.

Deuba aluminum side wall greenhouse 192x127x202cm...

Deuba aluminum side wall greenhouse 192x127x202cm…

  • Garden all year round: Thanks to the side greenhouse of the Deuba brand. You can take care of your crops or plants, all year round. Thanks to its quality materials, it is resistant to climatic variations from -25°C to 60°C.
  • Garden all year round: Thanks to the side greenhouse of the Deuba brand. You can take care of your crops or plants, all year round. Thanks to its quality materials, it is resistant to climatic variations from -25°C to 60°C.
  • Weatherproof: The greenhouse is made of quality materials that are highly resistant to different climates and UV rays. The side greenhouse is stable and durable.
  • Gutters for good water circulation: The gutter system directs the flow of water downwards, thus avoiding the accumulation of water on the roof. Moreover, it can be used to collect rainwater and reuse it for plants.
  • Functional: Composed of anodized aluminum profiles, it can be leaned on any type of wall or wall. The window in the roof, as well as the sliding door, guarantee good ventilation. The 4 mm hollow chamber alveolar sheets are perfect thermal insulators.

Variety of existing shapes and sizes

Another great advantage is that these greenhouses have a wide variety of models, with all kinds of shapes, sizes and heights. In addition, the styles also vary, adapting to all tastes and spaces, as well as pockets.

better insulation

The models of multi-wall sheets of multiwall sheets in multiwall polycarbonate are today the majority of those that can be found on the market. It should be noted that they are excellent thermal insulators, thanks to the hollow chamber of 4 millimeters which ensures excellent conditioning of the crops.

vidaXL Greenhouse Aluminum Anthracite Gray 4.75 m²

vidaXL Greenhouse Aluminum Anthracite Gray 4.75 m²

  • This spacious veranda has a total area of ​​4.75 m²
  • It can hold a large number of plants and is a great solution to protect your plants from the cold.
  • This solid polycarbonate panel greenhouse is UV resistant and thermally insulated
  • The greenhouse has a sturdy, maintenance-free aluminum frame that provides extra stability
  • The gutter system allows efficient water drainage and the roof openings ensure optimal ventilation on hot days.

Better light diffusion and UV protection

Finally, it should be noted that the polycarbonate greenhouse has a light-scattering effect, while creating effective protection against intense sunlight.

On the other hand, the structure, doors, windows and ventilation of the greenhouse help regulate temperature, air and humidity, and help create an optimal environment for plants.

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polycarbonate greenhouse

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