Polyester Pool Buying Guide

polyester swimming pools

With the added heat of summer, it is not uncommon for you to consider installing polyester swimming pools in your garden or patio. This way you can cool off whenever you want. But do you know how to buy it and do it right?

If you are making this decision right now, you are interested because we are going to help you know what to look for and consider some stores where you can find quality and varied pools. Prepare?


Top 1. The best polyester swimming pools


  • Drain plug with connection to garden hose.
  • It has a purifier connection.
  • Durable three-layer PVC-polyester material.

The inconvenients

  • It does not include a purifier (it’s more expensive with).
  • You can lose water.
  • Defective material.

Selection of polyester swimming pools

Want to see more polyester pool options to make up your mind? Said and done, here is a selection of them that you might like a lot.

Intex 28106NP – Inflatable pool

This two-person pool is sold without a filter (although you also have the model with it), it measures 244×61 cm and can be assembled in just 10 minutes, it has a capacity of 1,942 liters and 3-layer PVC. Polyester canvas and ring Inflatable Includes drain plug.

Bestway 56404 – Detachable tubular pool for children

Measuring 150x38x75cm, this multicolored children’s pool is resistant thanks to its steel structure. It has a drain valve and an anti-corrosion coating.

Intex 26702NP – Removable Round Pool

This polyester pool measures 305x76cm. It has a purifier and an H filter to filter 1250 litres/hour. It is resistant with a triple layer and the interior simulates the tile.

Bestway 56416 – Removable Tubular Pool

Easy to assemble, it comes with the filter included and is a round type of 366x366x76cm.

INTEX 26790NP – Removable pool

It is a removable pool of 400x200x122cm. It has a purifier, a type A filter and is for four people.

It is covered with an extra thick 3-layer PVC-Polyester fabric and a metal structure with steel bars.

How to maintain a polyester swimming pool?

When you have your polyester pool, the maintenance begins. As you know, the longer you keep it in good condition, the more you will recoup the money it cost you to acquire it.

Therefore, taking care of it means:

  • Never empty it. Note, it should not be completely emptied. With the exception of general repairs or cleaning, if the pool is empty, it is more likely to break.
  • Pay attention to the pH of the water. Not only do you need to control the pH so that your skin doesn’t suffer from the water, but also because it won’t affect the materials that make up the pool. Normally this is between 7.2 and 7.6.
  • Cover the pool. When you are not using it, such as in the winter or going on vacation to another place, it is best to cover it so that it does not get dirty or to protect it from freezing.
  • Prevents water freezing. How? Well, by inserting a piece of wood, for example, and checking the ice caps every day to break them.
  • Processing plant in operation. Both in summer and in winter, unless during this period you use products to maintain the pool without having to put it in.

How long can a polyester swimming pool last?

Do you know how long your pool will last? Although experts determine that polyester pools last around 14 to 15 years, the reality may be different. And it is that, depending on the use, the materials with which it is made and the maintenance and care that is provided, the pool can last more or less.

Guide to buying a polyester swimming pool

Buying polyester pools is easy. You go to the store, choose the one you like best and that’s it. But that’s just the prelude for the experiment to go awry, and ultimately you end up with something that doesn’t serve you well and not wanting to buy another one for a long, long time.

Since we don’t want this to happen to you, below we’ll talk about the main factors you should consider when buying. This way it will be easier to hit.


We start with the type of pool. You know there are a lot of them: oval, round, square, rectangular… And it’s only in those that are placed on the surface; those that are buried can be buried in other ways, even personalized.

In this case, the first thing you need to know is how you are going to want it because this is the way to weed out many patterns and focus only on the ones you are looking for. This, as a rule, is related to the space you have, because if it is small, you cannot put a rectangular one.

size and capacity

Another key factor is size. Yes, if it is large, medium or small. The surest thing is that you want the big one but, does it fit you? Before buying, measure the space where you are going to have it, also counting that you have to leave space to get out of it. Once you have it, you can choose polyester pools that are less than the measurements you took.

For example, imagine you have a hole for a car. And you buy such a pool. But you haven’t taken into account that you need space to move around, so in the end it’s locked up and you can barely use it because there’s no room to get in or out .

Besides size, capacity is also important. In other words, how many people are going to use the pool. Obviously you may not all go at the same time, or maybe yes, but you have to assume that sometimes there will be 2-3-4 people and the size should be according to the number of people.


Finally, the price. This may be a determining factor in whether it fits in your budget or not. Swimming pools usually have disparate prices as all the above factors have an influence, as well as decoration, materials, etc.

Thus, from 20 euros you can find mini pools for babies. And as we get older, we’ll raise that price up to 300-500 euros or more than a swimming pool can cost you (in case of a funeral, the payout is much higher than that).

Or buy?

buy polyester pools

You already have all the information you need to be able to buy a polyester swimming pool easily and not go wrong. But in case we can help you further, here is a selection of stores where you can find them.


At Amazon, due to access to products from many countries, its catalog is wider and this means that you have the choice. In general, there are many different models, but the price is sometimes a little inflated, so you have to be careful and compare the model or models you like with other stores.

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin you will find a specific section of polyester pools, but these are the ones that go underground. In fact, to find the ones that are assembled and disassembled, you should go to the inflatable pools and there you will have more choices, but not as much as on Amazon.

Are you ready to make your polyester swimming pool purchase?

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