Pool Accessories Buying Guide

swimming pool accessories

If it’s your first year with the pool, or if you’ve been at it for a long time, pool accessories become almost indispensable. Especially if they are the ones you use very often.

But what are these accessories? How to buy them? Do they depend on certain factors? Surely you ask yourself these and other questions and we want to help you know how to buy them and thus make a smart purchase. Shall we tell you how?


Top 1. Best Pool Accessories


  • 3 piece set.
  • Maintenance kit.
  • Good utility of all elements.

The inconvenients

  • Low quality.
  • Lack of suction.

Selection of pool accessories

There are many other swimming pool accessories to be valued. Take a look at these others.

Tencoz Kit accessories for swimming pools

You will have two brushes and a leaf collection basket with its telescopic rod. It is very simple and will be used for the maintenance of the swimming pool.

Gafild pool cleaning kit

It is one of the most basic as it contains a pool vacuum, a leaf basket and a telescopic rod. In other words, 3 elements for the maintenance of the swimming pool.

Gre 08050 – Kit of 7 items for the maintenance of freestanding swimming pools

It is one of the most complete kits we have seen since it is composed of 7 elements, all intended for the maintenance of the swimming pool. It includes: a pH/Cl analyzer, a brush, a leaf catcher, a handle, a thermometer, a dispenser and a cleaner. The only thing that has no pipes.

Gafild pool cleaning kit

It is composed of a pool skimmer, a fine mesh pool net, a brush and a pool chlorine dispenser.

It will be mainly used for jacuzzis, swimming pools, aquariums, springs…

Intex Deluxe Pool Care Kit

You will have a leaf or earth net, a telescopic aluminum pole, a pool brush, a floor vacuum cleaner with filter and a suction hose.

To use it, the power of the filtration pump must be at least 3,028 l/h.

Pool Accessories Buying Guide

To have a swimming pool in good condition, you know that there are certain elements that will be essential. One of them is the net with which to catch the leaves and everything that falls into the water, so that it is as clean as possible when bathing. But a brush would also be useful for hitting the walls so that dirt does not accumulate there. Or the device in which to put the chlorine and so that it does not stay in one place but goes throughout the pool. And a pool cleaner?

They are all accessories for swimming pools and you must check, for your particular case, which are the essentials. Apart from that, you will also need to consider the following:


By types we mean the accessories you will need for maintenance, operation or entertainment. An example, the gates where pool dirt accumulates from the sewage treatment plant would be an operating accessory. For its part, a collection basket would be maintenance. And entertainment? A trampoline, a springboard or even inflatable toys to climb on.

Our recommendation is that you make a list of the essentials and then assess whether or not they really help you know what to buy and what to prioritize.


Regarding the size, we refer to the following: imagine that you have installed a small swimming pool in your garden and you have decided to buy a good, powerful and large pool cleaner… And it is Turns out when you go to use it, it’s quite inconvenient because it’s too big for your pool and you can’t clean it well.

Do you see where we want to get to? Pool accessories should be compatible with the pool you have. Buying something bigger doesn’t mean you’ll finish sooner. In this case, everything would be counterproductive.


Finally we come to the price, and here the truth is that it will depend on whether you buy the pool accessories individually or together. You can sometimes find accessory kits with various essentials at affordable prices, but pay attention to the quality.

In general, from 20-25 euros you can find certain kits, but, as we told you, it will depend on what each one is made of so that its price is higher.

What pool accessories are essential

As we have already told you, in the accessories for swimming pools we must distinguish in three groups: those of operation, which we could call basic; maintenance and entertainment.

Among those that work we have:

  • Skimmer. They are the ones who collect the dirt from the swimming pool, it goes into a basket that must be cleaned.
  • Suction and discharge socket. The first connects the pool cleaner and cleans the floor by sucking up dirt; the second redirects filtered water back into the pond or keeps the water moving so it doesn’t spoil.
  • To flow. It is linked to the skimmers and is used to filter the water.
  • Pump or motor. This would be the purifier itself.
  • Filters. Those that separate dirt from clean water.
  • Selection valves. Used to control functions related to filtering.

For its part, within the maintenance, you would have:

  • Leaf collection basket.
  • Wall brush.
  • Cleaners. Which can be manual or automatic.
  • pH and chlorine analyzer.
  • Chlorine dispenser.

Or buy?

buy pool accessories

Do you already know what you want to buy for your swimming pool? So the next step to take is to think about where you are going to buy it. And in this case, we have several options for you.


This is where you will find more pool accessories, especially since they have many accessory kits and house not only the company’s products but also third-party sellers. Of course, be careful when buying as it may be more expensive than normal (check the stores of these products first in case they are cheaper).


You will not find complete sets of pool accessories at Bricomart. They only have spare parts and usual elements for a swimming pool, but nothing more.

As for their prices, some seem a bit expensive while others seem more affordable compared to other stores. Everything is to be sought and accounted for to find out where it is cheaper to buy.


Lidl doesn’t usually carry all the accessories you might need or want for your pool, but they do provide the basics like a basket to collect the leaves, a brush… The problem with this store is that, if they are not intended for online sale, you have to wait for them to take them to physical stores, since they are temporary offers that are withdrawn once the date has passed.

Leroy Merlin

Within the swimming pool section, Leroy Merlin offers a box for pool cleaning accessories, which is usually the most common thing to buy.

In this case, among its items, which are not many, you have the occasional lot but the normal thing is that each item is sold separately.

As for the prices, the bundle seems expensive but if you add them all separately, it can reach that figure as well.

Do you already know which pool accessories you are going to buy?

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