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The Praxio PX4000 generator offers a reliable, affordable and economical solution for your power generation needs. If you experience multiple power outages and have lots of freezers full of food, this is the generator to have in your garage. Pramac generators are robust, work and are very reliable. They are so reliable that other manufacturers will probably want to put their name on them and sell it as their own. if they haven’t already.

This machine is protected by a robust powder-coated steel frame, which is essential to protect it from harsh working conditions. The unit is powered by a standard Honda GX 390 4-stroke gasoline engine, so it’s in good hands in that department. The PX4000 has an automatic low oil feature that protects the engine by shutting it down when the oil level is dangerously low. It can be started electronically or with a pull cord. It doesn’t include a battery though, which is a shame as it’s always handy to have one on hand, even though the Honda engine is as reliable as you could ask for. Other features include folding handles, wheels, and a steel roll cage design, all standard with this generator.

The unit’s fuel tank is located on the top, making it easy to fill and minimizing the risk of spillage. The tank has a capacity of 18.5 liters and can operate for 10 consecutive hours at 75% load and more than 11 hours at 50% load. It also has a voltage selector, idle control, well-labeled panel layout, and an in-tank fuel valve that alerts you when fuel is low. The generator is also quieter than expected for a device of its size with a noise level of 75dB. If you want a high quality and very reliable generator, Pramac is always a logical choice.


  • Longer Run Time – This Pramac generator can run for up to 16.6 hours when fully charged and is ideal for those who enjoy longer outdoor activities. The Pramac will keep you powered longer in the event of a power outage compared to conventional generators.
  • Protection: The generator has an automatic function that stops the machine when the oil level is below the operating threshold. This feature eliminates the risk of damage to internal components, which could otherwise result in high repair costs.
  • Robustness: The machine is one of the strongest in its class, making it ideal for camping and other outdoor activities. A heavy-duty generator set is not susceptible to breakage from shocks caused by normal use or transport.
  • High power: With a continuous KVA of 3.25 and a maximum of 3.75, the Pramac generator is suitable for the use of high consumption appliances, such as a refrigerator. More power also means you won’t have device overload issues when all your devices are connected.

the inconvenients

  • Bulky: The machine weighs over 90 pounds. and it needs wheels to move around, which greatly reduces manual portability over longer distances. The addition of wheels, while essential, also means it won’t fit in cramped compartments, further frustrating portability.
  • Expensive – Compared to conventional generators of the same power, you have to dig deeper with this model.

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