Prefabricated houses – Tips for my garden


wooden houses

They are full of charm, easy to make and ready in no time: wooden houses are becoming more and more established in the world and are also gaining ground in Italy. Here, in general, wooden structures are mainly used, according to tradition, in mountain areas, but achievements in territories with different climatic conditions are also gaining ground. Wooden houses are usually purchased to give life to second homes for sporadic use, but more and more frequently they are becoming the option for the construction of the house in which to live on a daily basis. However, within the broad category of wooden houses, a distinction must be made: the definition includes small buildings intended to provide a small shelter in the garden, to real homes that have nothing to envy to traditional masonry constructions. The first can be purchased in stores dedicated to the garden, DIY and outdoor furniture, while for the second type it will be necessary to contact specialized companies. Before buying a wooden house, it will be necessary to check that the environmental and climatic conditions are suitable, then to choose between the proposals of the different companies that guarantee a wide variety of styles and the possibility of customizing the construction.

masonry houses

When it comes to small prefabricated houses, we usually think of wooden houses: there are also many masonry models on the market, even small ones. The prefabricated houses in masonry offer, in addition to the total safety and the total solidity of the material, all the advantages of a prefabricated construction, designed to make the most of it from the aesthetic and energetic point of view, reducing the environmental impact and taking advantage of extremely adjusted. Masonry houses guarantee maximum durability without the need for frequent renovations, for a significant final saving over time. The prefabricated masonry house can be an optimal solution for the purchase of prefabricated houses even when the use of wood as a cladding material is not allowed: wooden houses, in fact, despite better energy saving conditions energy, cannot always be installed. and require more maintenance than masonry construction. The choice must therefore be made based on the aesthetic characteristics, but also on the quality of the material and the environmental characteristics.

Mobile homes

The category of prefabricated houses also includes mobile homes: unlike those made of wood or masonry with fixed fittings, mobile homes are designed exclusively for temporary use and not as a first home. They are ideal for positioning on the ground in places where you only plan to spend a limited amount of time during the year, such as vacation spots. The main advantage of mobile homes is that they can also be placed on land that cannot be built on, precisely because they do not constitute a stable and immovable intervention. On the contrary, mobile homes can be transported on wheels and moved around with extreme ease. also thanks to the modular construction system that allows the structure to be modified and made to dimensions suitable for transport. In any case, the dynamism of mobile homes does not imply less security in terms of the solidity of the structure. Mobile homes can have different sizes and different interior features, in order to meet the needs of everyone who wants to use them, from individuals to entire families.

Prefabricated houses are structures made up of modules that can be assembled extremely quickly in the garden: the dimensions and interior characteristics can vary considerably depending on the models and types desired, as well as the intended use. Larger and more elaborate prefabricated houses can, in fact, be an alternative solution to traditional houses, be temporary or guest second homes, or be simple and agile structures that can be used both to pass your free time. and for storing objects and tools. . use for garden maintenance. Having a protected place available for useful tools for the maintenance of the vegetation is indeed important and allows you not to have to assign rooms to them in your house and not to have the constant fear of dirtying the interior surfaces. . Garden sheds can be made of different materials, normally the most common are wood and PVC: inside it is possible, thanks to the presence of windows, to create small greenhouses in which to store plants in winter . Wooden houses, if they are the right size, can also be an excellent space to devote to one’s own hobbies, sheltered from the summer heat or the winter cold, without having to dirty the house or occupy a special piece in this way. . . The installation of the garden sheds is very simple and fast,

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