Protect strawberries from insects

The strawberry it is a very popular culture and also a little unusual: on the one hand it is assimilated to small fruits by its production, on the other hand it is also common to vegetables, by its herbaceous aspect which distinguishes it from other fruits, arboreal and shrubby rosaceae.

It is therefore in fact a species in its own right, relatively easy to grow in small and large extensions, provided the proper care is taken, which we explained in the article dedicated to the cultivation of strawberries.

From a phytosanitary point of view, it is a plant potentially attackable by various pathologies and by many harmful insects and parasites, but its handling by the biological method is nevertheless recommended and satisfactory. Surely you have to be shrewd and punctual , establishing from the beginning a good technique of cultivation, which starts in the first place from the prevention of adversities. For this reason, it is particularly useful know which insects and other animal pests can compromise the harvest and how to prevent their plunder, so let’s find out.

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