Raising earthworms on the balcony

Earthworms can reproduce anywhere: they are not afraid of different types of soil or climatic zones, these worms are extremely adaptable and if they have food and water, they proliferate in producing valuable humus.

Even those who do not have a garden have the opportunity to make earthworms, to do it on the balcony or in any outdoor space.

With a very simple composter in less than one square meter, a vermicomposting microplant can be installed, making an ecological disposal of organic waste from the kitchen and obtaining a high quality natural fertilizer at no cost.


Movement on the balcony

The composition on the terrace is environmentally friendly, as it allows you to get rid of your own household organic waste directly, and you get an excellent zero-kilometer ohumus fertilizer, which is ideal for fertilizing potted plants of balcony flowers. Doing it with earthworms gives better results in less time and is therefore doubly interesting.

In addition, raising earthworms is also a great activity to do for educational purposes with children, to study the life of the earthworm and the transformation of waste into fertile soil.

The breeding of worms does not have great climatic requirements, the worm can be very well outdoors, in the rain as well as in the sun, both in the north and in the south of Italy. It is therefore not necessary to have a particular exposure or climate, it is possible to vermicompost everywhere.

The earthworm composer

Earthworms can be grown in any container, such as a vase or wooden box; Earthworms feed on organic kitchen scraps, periodically wetting their soil. The presence of a small composter in the house does not disturb: a correct composting process does not smell, especially if it is aided by the action of worms.

An optimal solution for domestic vermicomposting is the balcony chest of drawers, which consists of several stacked drawers designed to raise earthworms and equipped with a tap to collect the liquid. Even worm leachate, like humus, is a valuable substance in cultivation: jokingly called worm tea or compost tea, it’s an excellent liquid for fertilizing flowers and vegetables.

The small size of the worm box makes it ideal for domestic contexts, a good idea is to have it on wheels, allowing small movements if necessary and easy cleaning of the terrace. The balcony chest of drawers can be purchased online .

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