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On our website, Before All This Was Countryside, we have repeatedly talked about the importance of having a good gardening tool kit for proper maintenance. Although not all require a purchase from day one, investing in our garden can mean long-term savings, avoiding hiring the labor of gardeners and maintenance companies.

However, if we have to perform a specific task at a certain time but do not want to invest in tools, renting garden machinery is now a reality.

In this article, we are going to see the advantages of being able to use gardening tools and machines at a very reasonable price to carry out any specific task, including offering our gardening services to anyone, no need to invest in hardware.


Advantages of being able to rent garden equipment

The obvious advantage of being able to rent any gardening tool that we need in a specific situation is, clearly, the economic savings.

If we have a small garden, especially with lots of trees, we will need

  • Financial savings by renting instead of buying, especially when you only garden very occasionally.
  • Optimization of the task by being able to use much more professional and automated tools.
  • We will save space for storage and protection of our garden machines.
  • We will be able to use tools that are difficult to reach if we are not professional gardeners, such as treatment tractors, professional battery scissors or electric garden shredders.

Tools we can rent

When we look for the tools that we can rent, most of them are professional and expensive, those that we will never invest in our garden unless it is very large or we derive economic benefit from it (farming, for example ).

Some of these professional gardening tools are:

  • Electric wood chipper: when you want to shred the prunings, you still have to use them for compost, a tool that usually has a high cost and is barely used once or twice a year.
  • Professional hedge trimmer: when we want to mow our lawn properly, using a capable gas-powered hedge trimmer that can complete the task in much less time than other semi-automated tools. If we go to larger areas, we can also resort to renting lawn tractors.
  • Petrol chainsaw: when you want to prune trees or take advantage of the wood to have small blocks to use in the bonfire.
  • Sprayer trolley: When you want to carry out phytosanitary or nutritional treatments on large surfaces, a 15-litre backpack sprayer is lacking. For this reason, we can resort to renting a sprayer with motor and integrated tank to cover large areas without much effort, reaching sufficiently high pressures (> 20 bar) to allow the success of the phytosanitary treatment.
  • Electric pruner: Although manual pruners are mandatory regardless of the size of the garden, when you want to cover the pruning of many trees, the rental of battery pruners is very interesting. Once you try it and see how little effort it takes to cut a thick enough log, you won’t want to give it up.
garden machinery

How the machine rental system works

The advantage of gardening machine rental companies is that it is a commitment to the future, because we are increasingly looking for optimize the costs of our garden, especially if they are ornamental. Investments in professional gardening tools for this magnitude are very high and the very low dampingsince its use is limited to a few times a year.

The operation of garden machinery rental is quite simple. the rent works for days, being most common 1 day or 1 weekend. The cost depends on the machines, but the most professional ones are usually between €30 and €60, a reasonable figure to dedicate a whole day or a weekend to it and leave the garden completely ready.

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