Rooting of Aloe Vera. How to Use Aloe for Root Cuttings

Propagating plants, whether edible or ornamental, by cuttings can be a great way to skip a large part of the planting process, which can sometimes be arduous and difficult, especially for the most novice.

rooting aloe vera

The rooting of aloe vera is one of the most effective when it comes to reproducing our plants by cuttings. Aloe vera or aloe vera is a plant that is used above all for its benefits for the skin, thanks to its healing and regenerating properties, and that is why we have included it in the list of plants for burns. But it also has great antibacterial and antifungal properties. These last two will be the ones that will be useful to us when creating our cuttings and rooting them.

Benefits of rooting aloe vera

A good rooting agent should first and foremost protect the cutting from fungi and bacteria and also help stimulate the development of new roots, which aloe vera fulfills perfectly, as it also contains nutrients that will help in this process.

We have seen on the blog other rooters, also very powerful and effective, all with their own peculiarities and advantages, such as the lentil rootingor more recently willow rooting.

Both are highly effective and nutritious, and willow contains indole butyric acid, a plant hormone that stimulates root growth, and salicylic acid, which helps prevent new root infections.

In the same series of articles, we explain in anotherhow to use rooting simply and efficiently, taking these two named types as an example. But to speak in favor of the one that touches us today, the rooting aloe vera, we must recognize that it is perhaps one of the most accessible and simple to prepare, especially if we are fans aloes and have a few in the garden or orchard, as is my case.

rooting aloe cuttings

Prepare rooting aloe or aloe vera

Now let’s see how to prepare our aloe vera rooting. The first thing we will do is cut a leaf from our aloe. If we wanted to prepare more, we could take more leaves, always respecting the proportions.

Aloe Vera Plant - Pot 13cm.  - Live Plant - (Shipping...

Aloe Vera Plant – Pot 13cm. – Live Plant – (Shipping…

  • Few plants have as many medicinal properties as Aloe Vera.
  • Very undemanding plant.
  • Excess humidity and cold are very unpleasant.
  • Place it outside in a shaded or semi-shaded spot.
  • Strengthens defenses, improves digestion, skin metabolism, cardiovascular health, etc.

We are going to extract as much gel as possible from the aloe vera leaf, opening the leaf in the middle. We place it on a mixing glass and add a small amount of water which in proportion will be more or less half of the gel obtained. Once that’s done, we defeat him.

What you will get from this whipped mixture will be a liquid mixture, but without excess. Of course, you should avoid leaving a thick, jelly-like paste at all times, like gel without adding water, but at the same time it should not be very liquid.

Once we have this preparation ready, we will have our aloe vera rooting agent ready to use. So let’s see how to use it to root our cuttings.

How to use aloe rooting

This aloe vera rooting agent that we teach you how to prepare and use is nothing but a variation of something that is already done, which involves wetting the part of the cutting where the root will come out directly with the vegetable gel from the moment of planting it.

I always recommend when cutting to always have more cuttings than needed, in case they fail. On the other hand, it also helps us to make the most of the space, so we will plant more than one cutting per pot.

We put a good substrate in the pots. We make a hole with a stick where we will place the cutting of the plant to be rooted. We add our aloe mixture liberally and place the cuttings in the holes and cover with a little substrate.

aloe vera rooting

initial watering

We will do the irrigation by mixing the mixture of aloe and water that we have left with more water, in a watering can, to stimulate root formation and water our cuttings with this solution.

If we have this water left, we can use it in the following days. It is important to keep in mind that for the propagation of cuttings to be effective, the substrate must be kept moist.

Between one and two weeks, depending on the plant, we will begin to see results. And although it is difficult to have a complete efficiency rate, with this aloe vera rooting we will verify that it is much more effective and we will ensure that the cuttings take root much longer.

I hope these tips will help you propagate and reproduce plants by cuttings, giving them more strength and achieving greater efficiency.

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rooting aloe

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