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Sanli LSP 4640BMS rotary petrol lawn mower, a simple but effective mower

Sanli is known for its simple yet effective designs. This is reflected in numerous reviews of Sanli lawn mowers on the Internet. This company is really good at making horticultural tools at great prices. These machines don’t promise you anything, but they do their job.

When it comes to this particular Sanli trimmer, the LSP 4640BMS, you get more than what you pay for. Maybe even get some flair. The first thing that comes to mind is the engine. The 4640 has a powerful engine, with an impressive displacement of 163 cc. The 550 Series OHV gas engine gives you enough power to tackle even the biggest jobs.

The mower has a reinforced steel cutting deck for durability and is more than capable of protecting the machine from debris. Despite its sturdy design, the 4640 is actually not that heavy, weighing around 75 pounds. This, along with the sturdy wheels, makes this lawnmower very maneuverable. The crop adjustment feature allows you to cover a wide range of options, from 0.7 inches to almost 3.

The machine is equipped with a folding handlebar and the padding is nice and comfortable even after long use. You cannot adjust the speed for self-propelled mode. Unfortunately, you may find the speed a bit high, especially if you use it on short grass with less resistance.


  • Sanli quality
  • very powerful
  • big cuts
  • 11 cu. ft. collection bag
  • light
  • Cutting heights between 0.7 and 3 inches

the inconvenients

  • Self-driving speed cannot be adjusted

The Sanli LSP 4640 BMS is a very solid push mower with some obvious advantages over other inexpensive models. The motor is very powerful and should last a long time with proper use. There are really no frills on this machine, but the cutting mechanism offers good adaptability and the mower is easy to maneuver. The large collection bag makes it ideal even for medium-sized lawns, but mulching is not possible and this can be an inconvenience. Still, the 4640 has to be one of the best mowers around in this price range.

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