september wedding flowers


La Calla: for a simple and refined bouquet

The term “calla” originates from the Greek “kallos” (beautiful) and since ancient times it was considered a symbol of nobility and refinement. Calla lilies are the typical bridal flower, not only because of its indisputable charm, but also because, in the language of flowers, it acquires beautiful meanings such as: purity, modesty, sincerity, beauty and innocence. The calla is a plant native to the marshy regions of North Africa, where it develops spontaneously. In the second half of the 18th century it was imported to Europe and to Italy it was cultivated, mainly in Liguria, as a cut flower, to create magnificent bouquets. Calla has a long stem, which can reach up to 50 cm in length, and funnel-shaped flowers (usually white), with the upper page slightly raised.

The Dahlia: the flower of lovers

The dahlia originated in Mexico, where the Aztecs ate the tuber of this plant. Its export process to Europe took place during the 1700s and it was not easy at all as the bulbs of the plant are very sensitive to climate change. The flower is characterized by a series of brightly colored inflorescences (“buds”), with many peculiar shades and bicolored or mottled petals; the stem is quite long and straight; its leaves are very large and intense green, with serrated or smooth edges. The flowering period of the dahlia usually begins in July and continues until early autumn. It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful flowers and is very suitable as a decorative element for bouquets and for all floral decorations. Offer a Dahlia,

Jasmine for a happy marriage

Jasmine is a plant species typical of September and is very suitable as a decorative element for bouquets, floral arches and any other type of wedding decoration. Jasmine flowers are climbing, small, and white or yellow, although there are a few varieties with pinkish streaks. The main characteristic of this plant is undoubtedly the aroma that emanates from its delicate inflorescences and which gives an atmosphere of spring and freshness to any environment in which it is found. In the language of flowers, white jasmine indicates “attention” and “kindness”, while Madagascar jasmine is the quintessential symbol of marital happiness.

The gerbera is also called the “Transvaal daisy” because, in addition to closely resembling a large daisy, it is native to the region of the same name in South Africa. It is one of the most beautiful perennials because the flowers are brilliantly colored, passing through almost all shades of color: cream or pure white, orange, yellow, pink, lilac, purple and red. In addition, this flower has a very long stem that lends itself very well to the creation of multiple and complex floral compositions. Also the Gerbera, in the language of flowers, has meanings that correspond well to the beginning of a new life together: the orange variety represents joy, the yellow luxury, the pink Gerbera indicates admiration and the dark red, d ‘somewhere else. , symbolizes perseverance.

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