Shindaiwa T335TS brushcutter

Introducing the Shindaiwa Model T335TS Brush Cutter: A medium to large machine (30.5cc displacement, mixed power), capable of excellent performance.

The low weight makes this brushcutter suitable for routine home garden maintenance, but thanks to the High Torque technology it is a brushcutter capable of handling heavy workloads, well above average in its engine capacity class .

When tall grass is cut, the vegetation often twists, stopping the wire and slowing the rotation of the head. Shindaiwa has designed the High Torque gears for this, a special bevel gear capable of reducing this effect and being able to carry out a constant and unstoppable cut even when the grass is thick, without lowering the revolutions. In this way, the engine is less forced and therefore fuel consumption is optimized, while allowing faster work.

The opinion is that the Shindaiwa T335TS brushcutter is capable of demanding work, especially useful for those who often find themselves cutting thick lawns. The anti-vibration system and its low weight make it a comfortable tool even for those who use it all day, which is why it is chosen by many professional gardeners.

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