Small hand tools for pushing on the balcony

To make the vegetable garden on the balcony, since the crops are kept in pots, large equipment such as a pitchfork, pitchfork and hoe is not required. The spaces are small, so there will also be small tools to work inside the pot, around the seedlings.

Among the garden tools are small hand tools, such as hoes and shovels, which almost look like children’s toys. They are in fact very useful tools for the garden on the terrace but also in gardening: when it is necessary to do precision work between the flower beds.

In the list dedicated to all the essential tools for pot cultivation, we have included the small hand tools, such as a paddle, a rake and a pot, we have tried to list all these useful tools and give some advice on their use. choice.


List of useful tools

Here is a list of the most useful tools to grow your balcony.

  • Transplant. This tool is a kind of curved trowel and is used for transplanting. If the seedlings are grown in a container or bought in a nursery, it is time to transfer them to a larger pot, to do it better, it is useful to help with this tool.
  • Zap. Tillage is also important for the container grower, so that the soil around the seedlings does not become too compact, which also eliminates weeds, and in container crops it is necessary to periodically add fertilizers (such as manure, organic compost or humus) to make nitrogen and other nutrients available to the plant. a miniature hoe will be useful for this purpose.

  • Trident. A small pitchfork can be useful for plowing the land if it becomes too compact to work with the hoe.

  • Rake. A mini rake can be useful when planting, to prepare the seedbed and then to bury the seeds (if they are scattered). The rake can also be used to periodically move the soil. Given the size of the area to be raked, the pitchfork or hoe can very well be used for this purpose, so the rake is not strictly necessary.

  • Scissors. To prune potted plants or to harvest some vegetables it is useful to have a good pair of scissors, which must be very ergonomic.

  • Broom and dustpan. They are not real garden tools but it is important to have the broom close at hand. It’s hard to keep all the soil in the pot while you’re working, so be prepared to clean up the patio too.

How to choose small tools

We recommend that you choose tools that are ergonomic, durable and have a comfortable grip. No need to get particularly complex equipment or big brands, just try to grab the tool and test its robustness.

For those who want to be sure, there are the Solid tools offered by Fiskars, which are made of polyamide reinforced with fiberglass, a recyclable material, very resistant and easy to clean.

Also in the case of the container garden, tools are the ideal vehicle for the spread of plant diseases, which can be fungal, viral or bacterial. To avoid moving the contagion from one pot to another, it is better to choose tools that are easy to clean.

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