Small hand tools for use in the garden

As a popular saying goes, the ground is low " and many cultivation operations must be carried out crouched close to the horticultural plant, especially during planting, transplanting and in the first weeks of plant growth. For this reason, in addition to pitchforks, hoes and rakes, it is useful to also have small tools with short handles, which will be necessary for the most delicate operations, as if it were an extension of the hand.

Here are the hand tools we recommend having, if you want to start gardening:

  • Transplanter: blade used to sow and remove the soil before transplanting, in order to prepare a hole in which to insert the seedling with its container of soil.

  • Weeding tool, to remove weeds near plants without risk of damaging stems or roots.

  • Mini cultivator, to weed the soil, break the surface bark and oxygenate the soil.

Note the solid hand tools offered by Fiskars: they are made of polyamide reinforced with fiberglass, a very resistant material (supports a load of 35 kg) but very light and easy to clean. Like tools used near still-growing seedlings, sturdy tools have rounded tips so as not to damage the roots. Among Solid’s tools are two sizes of transplanters, wide or narrow blade, a double-sided hoe and a fork cultivator.

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