Stuffed Zucchini In Ham

The Stuffed zucchini they are a very tasty way to bring those summer vegetables to the table. There are endless variations to prepare this recipe and we offer them to you in an extremely simple and very tasty way: courgettes stuffed with cooked ham instead of the more common ground meat.

stuffed zucchini oven-baked is a very versatile summer recipe: it can be a perfect starter but also a tasty and light dish , to accompany a fresh salad. Their preparation is very simple and since they are excellent even cold, they are also perfect as a schiscetta for quick lunch breaks or picnics.

To prepare zucchini stuffed with ham it’s good choose medium-sized zucchini to have vegetables that are easy to fill, but not too rich in seeds, cutting long will make for well-filled boats. For round zucchini, hollow out the inside instead or divide it in half between two bowls.

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