Sweet and sour carrots: canned recipes

If your garden produces large quantities of carrots you can try to prepare this delicate preserve very easy to make: sweet and sour carrots.

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As usual, when it comes to home canning, it is essential to follow departmental guidelines to ensure that there is no risk of botulism or poor storage : choose a white vinegar with at least 6% acidity and pasteurize the preserves once prepared. Sweet and sour carrots are perfect as accompaniments but they can become a delicious appetizer or aperitif to serve in small bowls and to enjoy around a good cocktail or a good glass of wine.

the carrot is a vegetable available in the garden almost all year round As long as you have the right soil, it is not difficult to grow it, and you can even put it on the balcony. If you want to make the recipe with your own vegetables, you can read the carrot growing guide.

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