The 3 (real) best Le Marquier irons in 2022

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Ideal for reinventing your outdoor meals!

With its planchas, Le Marquier is suitable for all cooks. Budding chefs and grill professionals. Those who are content with simplicity and efficiency as the most demanding in terms of performance and materials !

Stainless steel, double hearths, triple hearths, with or without trolley, I invite you immediately to discover My 3 favorite Le Marquier irons so you can easily find the one that suits you best!

rating 5 out of 5


Marquise Adela 375

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

brand iron adela 375The Adela 375 from Le Marquier is a plancha designed for people who like to entertain, set up large tables and impress guests with healthy and tasty dishes! With its 75 cm long and 40 cm wide top, it has enough space to cook for 10 to 14 people. This enamelled cast iron cooking plate is also heated by 3 different burners, adjustable by a control knob, which allows the temperature to be adapted according to the food. It is entirely possible to prepare fish and vegetables side by side and achieve both cooking results perfectly! As for cooking residues, they are collected in a circular container to eliminate them very easily. This plancha is finally dressed in a stainless steel frame to be used without fear outdoors: it is perfectly resistant to bad weather and corrosion!

My opinion : This Le Marquier iron is a great success. Before trying it, I only really knew the brand by name, and I must admit that it made me want to try other devices, especially since it’s a French company that manufactures all its products in our territory. This Adela 375 is part of the Original range which has been designed to appeal to all cooks, even those who are not yet experienced, and this is reflected in its great simplicity of use (connection to the gas bottle, ignition piezoelectric). But it doesn’t forget to be efficient when it comes to cooking: it heats well, it cooks well, and I particularly appreciated the presence of 3 zones, which is practical when preparing a meal for several people. . And not to spoil anything, its price is not excessive either if we take into account its format and its many qualities!

rated 4.5 out of 5

Marquier Adela 260

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

iron marquier adela 260With its Adela 260, Le Marquier offers an iron that is both effective and easy to use. Cooking, without fat, requires no particular culinary talent: just put the meat, fish, shellfish or vegetables on the hot plate to reveal all their flavor! Once connected to gas (butane or propane), it is easy to light thanks to the mechanical piezo, and with its two stainless steel burners, the hob also heats up quickly (about 12 minutes), with even heat distribution. The two ergonomic and non-slip thermostats make it possible to adjust the desired temperature according to the preparation, and all the fats and cooking juices are evacuated in a recuperator ingeniously concealed in the frame. With its 60 x 40 cm enamelled cast iron cooking plate (up to 10 people), this plancha is finally ideal for moments of sharing with family or friends.

My opinion : This Le Marquier is an iron that I really appreciated! On the design side, I loved its total black look, and if it’s true that it doesn’t have the stainless steel frame of the previous one (here it’s steel), it still seemed very solid and cool to me. , that’s the main thing. Moreover, in use, it did not disappoint me at all. In a few minutes the plate is hot enough to start cooking, having 2 burners available allows you to cook two different types of food simultaneously and the level of the cooking surface is more than enough if you are 6/8 at the table… or 10 if you are, go for a light meal! This Adela 260 is an iron that I would recommend without hesitation, especially if you have a limited budget but do not want to neglect the performance or the quality of French manufacture!

rated 4.5 out of 5

The Marquier Adela 260 with trolley

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

iron trolley la marquier adela 260The Adela 260 being an iron appreciated by customers, Le Marquier has decided to accompany it here with a functional trolley to make it even more pleasant to use. This trolley is equipped with 2 wheels to easily move the iron (towards the garden or the garage to store it), 2 side shelves to keep everything within easy reach, a tea towel holder at the front and even 4 pegs below. effectively wedge the gas cylinder. As for the Adela 260, its characteristics remain unchanged. It is easy to start thanks to its piezoelectric ignition. It is equipped with 2 stainless steel burners capable of quickly heating its enamelled cast iron plate. Heat distribution is optimized and the temperature can be adjusted via the control knobs for exact and precise cooking. And finally it has a tray to collect cooking residues.

My opinion : I don’t need to repeat everything I think is good about this Adela 260 straightener: in fact, it’s the same version here! But the fact that Le Marquier offers it with its trolley makes it even more interesting, and that’s why I wanted to present it to you in this selection. Unless you already have a small service on your terrace, having a trolley for the iron is really a plus, especially if you decide to move the table to your garden for example, and you want to be able to cook next to everything. the world to continue. chatting at the same time. And this trolley, in addition to being well designed (the wedges for gas cylinders are a very good idea), does not make the price of the iron too expensive. If you want to treat yourself and furnish your exterior, do not hesitate to consider this iron + trolley set, which is rather stylish!

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