The 3 (real) best riding mower lifts in 2022

lawn tractor lift

For easy maintenance and cleaning!

Hydraulic or manual, for individuals or professionals, here is my selection of best lawn tractor lifts Of the market !

What is the best lawn tractor in 2022?

  1. Oregon 42-086 – My favorite (Hydraulic – Max 300 kg)

  2. Vounot – The best value for money (manual – max. 400 kg)

  3. Arnold 6011-MJ-0001 – Professional Two Wheel Lift (Manual – Max 300 lbs)

rating 5 out of 5


Oregon 42-086

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

Oregon 42-086 Mower LiftEasy and effortless! With the Oregon 42-086, maintaining, cleaning, or even repairing a lawn mower has never been easier. Unlike manual tools, this mower lift is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder that allows the machine to be tilted without any difficulty, up to a weight of 300 kg. Its operation is also very simple since it is enough to activate the foot pump! To work with complete peace of mind, this tool also has a double safety device, the first active with automatic coupling and the second in the form of a stand. Solid and fairly heavy (27 kg), it is easy to move thanks to the presence of a handle and large-diameter wheels. Finally, it comes with a vertical hanging bracket, also secure enough for storage to be done with confidence.

My opinion : 300kg maximum weight and hydraulic tipping, no need to look any further, that’s why this Oregon is my favorite ride-on mower lift! If you need such a tool, thanks to which you can take care of your machine easily and quickly, this is definitely the one I recommend. It’s very well designed, the fact that you only have to step your foot on the lift pump to start the lift couldn’t be less tiring and in fact I can’t fault the construction – it’s good quality and very sturdy. It is also so practical that I would not even hesitate to recommend it to certain professionals for whom it is obviously not the core business or who need to equip themselves at a lower cost. Because yes, in addition, to spoil nothing, it is offered at a price that is still very acceptable. So you can go there without hesitation!

rating 4 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

vounot lawn tractor liftIt can be used on any lawn tractor model on the market! The Vounot is a jack designed down to the smallest detail to provide efficient and pleasant use. It comes in the form of a telescopic tool: its length is adjustable from 78 to 98 cm depending on the tilters, and it can reach a height of 60 cm to allow substantial access. Although it is completely manual, it does not require intense effort either, since it is enough to turn a crank which is connected to a system of levers and, therefore, multiplies the force by ten. Made from the strongest metal, it is also capable of lifting up to 400 kg, and few lawn mowers are heavier than this. Finally, it is easy to install (the procedure is quick, it only takes a few minutes and instructions are also provided) and practical to store since, once folded, it takes up very little space.

My opinion : Probably the best value for money you can find! I would describe this Vounot as a basic but very effective lawn tractor lift. In this tool, it is not a secret, you necessarily need effort. Although the brand indicates that the crank system does not require a lot of force, it still does take a little, especially when the machine reaches 400 kg. But that would really be the only point that could be a problem for some users since for the rest it continues to contribute a lot. In itself, it is not expensive, and most importantly, it perfectly fulfills its main function, which is to make all the mechanics of the lawnmower more accessible. I wouldn’t have been against the extra security, but the whole thing is still solid and I was confident in use. At this price, hard to find better!

rated 4.5 out of 5

Arnold 6011-MJ-0001

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

arnold lawn tractor lift 6011-mj-0001The Arnold 6011-MJ-0001 lawn mower lift is the essential tool for all professionals who want to facilitate their maintenance and repair tasks. Indeed, it is perfectly suited to maintenance work since, unlike tools designed for individuals, it tilts the machine on its 2 rear wheels. This makes it easier to replace belts, blades or clean the cutting table, especially since the lifting height reaches 61 cm. Totally safe, lifting is also very simple and without much effort you can use a crank or a battery-powered screwdriver. While its 300-pound load capacity might seem a little limited, obviously that’s the front weight of the mower and not its overall weight, making it a versatile tool that can be used across a wide range of models. To save space for storage in the workshop, it can finally be folded back on itself.

My opinion : This Arnold clearly stands out from the others with its elevated frontage and this is a detail that is important because it is much more practical. The weighted load is indeed less important, and even if we are again on a manual and not hydraulic unil, the necessary force pursued is not at all the same as with a more basic ride-on mower lift like the Vounot presented just before. That said, with its price, this tool is not intended for all audiences and other assets had to be presented to justify the investment. And it holds this bet very well since I found it to be useful, reassuring and effective at the same time. It is a model of excellent quality which has enough to fully satisfy all professionals but also the most demanding individuals. Whether you belong to one or the other of these categories, I can fully advise you!

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