The 5 (real) best material handling trucks in 2022

a truck

Indispensable for heavy and bulky loads!

An indispensable element in warehouses, workshops and even offices, it is super practical, and even more so when it comes in folding form.

Up to 600 kg and even with two trays, discover now my selection of best forklifts !

What is the best industrial truck of 2022?

  1. Stanley ‎SXWTD-FT585 – My favorite – Foldable, light and robust (2 in 1 trolley + hand truck, 137 kg max.)

  2. Stanley SXWTC-PC509 – Another good option that is easy to transport and with more capacity (250 kg max)

  3. Maestro 8985630 – Classic and economical platform truck (max. 300 kg)

  4. WilTec 61902 – Pro and robust for heavy loads (max. 600 kg)

  5. Millman CP300 – Trolley with 2 trays and French brand (300 kg max)

rating 5 out of 5


Stanley SXWTD-FT585

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

stanley sxwtd-ft585 industrial truckA 2-in-1 model for more versatility! The Stanley SXWTD-FT585 is not just a simple handling trolley, it also incorporates a hand truck in a very practical but obviously very solid folding frame since it is made of steel. If it is in trolley mode, its load capacity is limited to 70 kg, it rises to 137 kg once in trolley mode, enough to easily move tools, furniture, appliances, etc. Transitioning between the two functions couldn’t be easier as you simply unfold the 2 extra wheels, put it on the ground and lift the handlebars to steer it. This system of folding wheels also allows it to take up less space when storing because it becomes very thin and can slip anywhere, even behind a door!

My opinion : He ensures at all levels! This Stanley is a real success, both for its ingenious design and its high quality of manufacture. The fact that it is so versatile is clearly its main advantage, and the good thing is that it is so maneuverable and practical in both wheelbarrow and wheeled versions. Quite light, it moves around easily while all the foldable parts are great for not taking up much space when you no longer need to use it. So yes, at 137kg max, it’s not the best, but the fact that it combines these two characteristics makes it ideal for professionals and individuals alike. It is definitely my favorite model and I recommend it without hesitation!

rated 4.5 out of 5

Stanley SXWTC-PC509

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

stanley industrial truck sxwtc-pc509A handling trolley that folds and unfolds at will! With this SWXTC-PC509, Stanley offers a solution full of advantages for professionals and individuals. Its folding handle allows you to only need a small volume for disposal and storage (only 30 cm thick). However, once unfolded, it offers a large surface (90 x 61 cm) to deposit all kinds of objects and goods, especially since its maximum load capacity reaches 250 kg! To be perfectly robust, opt for an aluminum frame that is as strong as it is light, which also allows it to be more manageable. The large wheels of 127 mm in diameter also contribute to this maneuverability and those located at the rear are also equipped with brakes, sufficient to guarantee movement in complete safety, whatever the conditions.

My opinion : If you are looking for a foldable industrial trolley capable of carrying more weight than the Stanley presented just before, this other model from the brand should interest you. In fact, we are in the same manufacturing quality, with solid, perfectly resistant materials and top-notch finishes. And we also find the same design ingenuity with the bar that folds completely into the cargo space to limit bulk. At 250kg it has plenty to be useful while remaining practical, and I appreciated the little touches like the non-slip coating to ensure the safety of the load. In a price range equivalent to the previous model but with a greater capacity, it is a good alternative!

rating 4 out of 5

Master 8985630

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

meister handling trolley 8985630Entirely designed for the transport of more or less heavy loads! Indeed, the Meister 8985630 can support up to 300 kg, enough to multiply the possible uses. To make it practical, it is also equipped with brakes that can block 2 of the 4 wheels while offering the possibility of firmly holding the transported object in place thanks to the presence of 6 eyelets to pass the straps through. Even the loading surface (91 x 61 cm) has an anti-slip coating, as well as a support beam and a threshold to easily transport long items such as skirting boards or parquet strips for example. Perfectly resistant to shocks (steel structure), it finally has a folding structure to be less bulky when not in use.

My opinion : This Meister industrial trolley is, in my opinion, one of the best quality/price ratios you can find. Even if I’m not quite sure that it is able to support and carry loads of up to 300 kg per day, it is nonetheless very solid and above all very well designed. The brand has thought of everything to make its use as fluid and practical as possible (the eyelets are an excellent idea in particular), and even includes a storage space in the handle, ideal for storing tools or small parts, for example. Its assembly is also quite simple and quick, which only reinforces the good general impression. To equip yourself at a lower cost, it is this trolley that I recommend!

rated 4.5 out of 5

WilTec 61902

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

wiltec 61902 handling trolleyOne of the strongest cars! The WilTec 61902 is not afraid of heavy loads since it can transport up to 600 kg on its large loading surface of 100 x 60 cm. To ensure the safety of the object and the driver, a 15 mm thick solid plywood floor also covers this surface and is raised to create a protective and/or support wall. A parking brake is also present so that the trolley cannot be moved inadvertently, especially with such a load. Whether for industry, in warehouses or even in postal and administrative services, it finally offers great comfort during handling, in particular thanks to high quality rubber tires as well as a large easy-to-carry handle. .

My opinion : The handling trolley for heavy loads! This WilTec is fully designed to move objects up to 600 kg more easily and safely and does not do things by halves. Unlike most models, it is equipped with 2 very solid walls and the difference is noticeable: whatever you put on it, it will fit perfectly and will not move. And that’s not to mention that this vertical wall is very reassuring at the same time! Level of manufacturing quality, I have nothing else to complain about. It’s solid, it holds the road, and the wheels are wide enough for optimal maneuverability. Enough to facilitate all the journeys that were previously the most difficult!

rated 4.5 out of 5

Millman CP300

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

millman cp300 forkliftTwo trays for even more possibilities! It’s this design detail that sets the Millman CP300 apart from most other industrial trucks and makes it more useful whether in the warehouse or workshop. Designed for intensive use by professionals, its 2 100 x 60 cm trays are in melamine to guarantee all the robustness necessary for transporting loads up to 300 kg. Very easy to handle, it is equipped with 4 rubber wheels with a diameter of 130 mm, 2 of which swivel for perfect control on smooth and flat floors. At the same time, they are equipped with brakes to prevent any unintentional movement. Thanks to a total height of 106 cm, the handle finally guarantees optimal positioning on the move, even with heavy loads.

My opinion : I wanted to present this Millman to you because it is original and also has something to partially meet the expectations of people looking for a variable-height forklift. Although it is not electric and the trays are fixed, having a raised one can be very practical for placing compact but heavy objects on it: lifting them to move them is less tiring and presents less risk for the back. This is not the only advantage of this CP300, which also benefits from excellent manufacturing quality and great solidity, up to the requirements that one may have when choosing a French brand. It is certainly a little more expensive than the other models in this selection, but it is well worth the investment, especially if you are interested in this 2-tray combo!

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