The 6 Best (Real) Well Pumps in 2022

pump well

For an economical water supply!

Whether in a deep spring or a body of water on your land, these machines allow you to harness free water for irrigation.

In submerged or surface version, I present below my selection of best well pumps Of the market !

What is the best water pump of 2022?

    ↓ Submersible pump

  1. Einhell GC-DW 1000 N – Good value for money, for deep wells

  2. Arebos – Good value for money, for deep wells

  3. Vevor – A good choice at -100€

  4. ↓ Surface Bomb

  5. Gardena 6000/6E – My favorite, super powerful

  6. Einhell GE-GP 1246 NFS – Excellent value for money

  7. Ribelli – A good manual option (10m and under)

rating 5 out of 5


Einhell GC-DW 1000N

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

well pump einhell gc-dw 1000 nWith guaranteed high delivery pressure! With its GC-DW 1000 N, Einhell offers a well pump equipped with a 6-stage turbine system that offers excellent performance as it has a lifting capacity of 45 m. Fully submersible, up to 19m, it is totally protected from corrosion by its stainless steel case and filter and is perfectly waterproof thanks to its high quality O-ring. In addition to its maximum flow rate of 6,500 l/h provided by a 1,000 W motor (ideal for combining with an automatic lawn watering system), it finally benefits from a compact shape of only 99 mm in diameter, which allows its use in particular in narrow wells or even cisterns.

My opinion : Of all the submersible well pumps I’ve had the chance to try, this Einhell has quickly become my favorite! Whether in terms of build quality or performance, I’m never disappointed with this brand and that’s still the case here. We are sure of a real professional quality, it is solid and very effective. I was pretty impressed with the flow rate and with a complete setup to suit your needs, you’ll have no problem watering your entire garden, even a very large one. If I had to recommend only one, it would definitely be this one, especially since it has all the necessary elements (non-return valve, etc.).

rated 4.5 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

arebos well pumpFor the deepest wells! Of the entire range offered by Arebos, this model is the most powerful since it is capable of pumping water up to 72 m deep… enough to reach groundwater without any problem. At the same time, it benefits from a 2,200 W motor and a flow rate of up to 9,000 l/h, enough to ensure optimal irrigation of the garden or supply clean water in the house. Thanks to a diameter of only 102 mm, this pump also fits into the narrowest accesses and has a long service life. It sits on a robust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel body, as well as a stainless steel filter that protects it from any dirt.

My opinion : One of the best value for money you can find in a well pump! I particularly recommend this Arebos if you have to draw water from very deep: it has enough power to guarantee a constant surface flow, which is essential. It is also easier to start and use, its compact size is ideal for introducing it without difficulty into drills and I have no complaints about the quality of manufacture or even the finishes. It is definitely a very good choice!

rating 4 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

vevor well pumpGood flow and heads up! The well pump offered here by Vevor is equipped with a high performance 550 W motor which allows it to deliver a substantial flow rate of up to 2000 l/h. It captures all sources of fresh water, even the most underground, it has a lifting capacity of 100 m. Designed to be immersed, all the most important elements (body, pump body, drive housing, filter, etc.) have been made of stainless steel so that they are perfectly resistant to rust but also to salt water . Finally, it benefits from a filtering mesh system to eliminate dirt and from integrated thermal protection which automatically shuts it down in the event of overheating.

My opinion : If you are looking for a cheap pump, you should check out this Vevor. Even if it is a little less efficient than the others due to its less powerful motor, it still works very well in terms of flow, especially to power an irrigation system, for example. It also defends itself fairly well with its discharge height, sufficient to be able to use it to capture groundwater. With all its stainless steel, it is also qualitative and even if it makes a little noise, you don’t hear it much either once immersed in the well! For less than 100€ you will not find better!

rating 5 out of 5

Gardena 6000/6E

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

well pump gardena 6000/6eA real pumping station! Whether for domestic water supply or garden irrigation, the Gardena 6000/6E is a top model for all requirements. Thanks to its 1,300 W motor, it has an excellent flow rate of 6,000 l/h and a pressure of 5.5 bar (for a maximum flow rate of 55 m), being able to suck water up to at a depth of 7 m. Designed down to the smallest detail, it also benefits from a pre-filter that protects against dirt and sand, a non-return valve for quick start-up and a waterproof housing that allows it to be left outdoors. , whatever the weather. Silent, it is finally fully automatic for significant energy savings.

My opinion : super powerful! I suspected that I could trust a brand like Gardena to equip me with a great surface pump, but this 6000/6E exceeded all my expectations. As for the flow, it is quite impressive, even if you opt for a hose of several tens of meters to cover the whole garden. It is both irreproachable in terms of quality, quite easy to adjust with its accessible menu, and to top it off, it is one of the quietest that I have had the chance to test. In this category, it is clearly my favorite and you can choose it without hesitation!

rated 4.5 out of 5

Einhell GE-GP 1246 NFS

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

well pump einhell ge-gp 1246 n fsFor all water sources! The Einhell GE-GP 1246 N FS well pump may be a surface model, but thanks to a suction height of 8 m it is able to suck water both underground and in tanks , cisterns or even basins. Equipped with a 1,200 W motor, it also has a flow rate of up to 4,600 l/h (supplemented by a delivery head of up to 50 m), more than enough to combine it with a water treatment system. ‘automatic watering. Easy to put into service and easy to empty to protect it from freezing, it also benefits from numerous operating protections, as well as various practical devices and quality equipment.

My opinion : Another very good model from Einhell! Besides the submersible pump that I presented to you earlier, this surface version is also an excellent option, especially thanks to its very good quality/price ratio. Power, flow, lifting height and even safety devices… it has all the most important elements and fulfills its mission perfectly. Unfortunately, it’s not very quiet, but if you don’t put it right next to your house, you shouldn’t worry too much. She is more than competent at watering your garden and should easily meet your expectations.

rating 4 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

ribelli well pumpThe most energy efficient solution! Ribelli offers here a manual well pump which therefore does not need any power source to operate: everything is done with the strength of the arm. Water tank, underground spring or fountain and basin, it is multifunctional and can collect up to 28 liters per minute up to a maximum depth of 10 m. (The delivery height is 8m.) Entirely in cast iron and in one piece for greater solidity, it is perfectly resistant to corrosion and bad weather, so it can find its place in the outdoor garden every year, especially for its elegant vintage design. offers a decorative touch at the same time.

My opinion : An old fashioned bomb! If you want a manual model to draw water from your well, I recommend this Ribelli. At these fairly affordable prices, it’s actually one of the strongest and most reliable I’ve tried (its valve was originally molded and not added later) while ensuring a flow rate while completely acceptable. Due to its size, you will likely need to mount it on a pedestal or rack to fit a bucket or watering can underneath. But for everything else, nothing to say, it’s the perfect blend of traditional charm and sought-after utility.

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