The best Prime Day gardening deals

During prime day, you can find deals on products

Amazon Prime Day has arrived! On July 12 and 13 you can find many offers on gardening products, some even with a discount of up to 45%, don’t you find it interesting? If you wanted to buy a tool, a piece of furniture or anything else to enjoy your garden more or to have a more beautiful terrace, now is the time.

And, let’s face it, there are some gardening products that are expensive. For this reason, it is good to take advantage of the sales, because you can save a lot of money. Check out the best Prime Day deals.


Growing media, fertilizers and insecticides

To care for a plant, none of this can be missing, because it needs soil to take root, fertilizer to make it grow strongly, and insecticide when it has a pest. For it, During Prime Day, you will be able to get any of these products for a good price:

Flower – all-purpose fertilizer, 7 kg, blue color

It is a universal granular fertilizer which can be applied to a wide variety of plants. Its composition in NPK is as follows: 12-10-18, and it also contains other essential nutrients, such as magnesium or sulfur. Thus, if you apply the right dose, which is specified on the same container, and with the right frequency, you will have magnificent harvests.

COMPO Axiendo Ultra-versatile insecticide

Not sure what pest is affecting your plant? Are you looking for an effective product that eliminates it quickly? In these cases, it is better to get a poly or ultra-versatile insecticide, like this one from Compo. Can be used against many insects: aphids, thrips, whiteflies, caterpillars. Of course, it is possible that against cochineal the expected results are not achieved, but also for others it is an interesting product to have at home.

Universal substrate for flowers

At the risk of giving the impression that they pay us (they don’t), Flower is one of the companies that makes ideal growing media for plants. This particular one it is lightweight and can be used to plant a wide variety of plants. I like it because it doesn’t compact easily when it dries like some others. Moreover, it is inexpensive, both on sale and off. Very recommendable.

Windhager Duo insect trap for flies and wasps

Flies don’t leave you alone? Are you allergic to wasp stings? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will be interested in keeping these insects away, or at least controlling them. One way is to place these traps in areas where they are most concentrated. Once they enter the trap, attracted by a liquid substance that is sucked into the container, they will not be able to get out.

Irrigation system

Anyone who has a single plant, especially if you planted it in a pot, will need to buy something to water it with. Whether it’s a shower, a drip irrigation system… always have something on hand to keep him hydrated and therefore live. As for Prime Day, it is possible to find these offers that will undoubtedly allow you to water your crops:

Aqua Control – Solid water for your plants

Planning to go on vacation but worried about your plants? Stop worrying! Now you can keep them hydrated with solid water from Aqua Control. With just one sachet, your favorite flower will be well watered for 30 days; That way, when you get home, you’ll find her just like the last day you saw her.

Premium 1/2” – 3/4” double outlet garden tap

Sometimes we think we have everything until we realize that there are things that need to be replaced with others. For example, we may have a faucet already so rusty that it is useless. When this happens, we advise you to buy a high-end garden tap like this. Because? Because it is weatherproof, and also has a double water outlet. What more could you want? Get it and you will enjoy.

S&M 590054 Battery Operated Automatic Watering Faucet Timer

Do you need an irrigation programmer? Would you like it to be automated so you don’t have to think about it? Then we recommend this battery-powered programmer to you. You can set it up to water your plants for as long as you think they need and as often as you want.

Xpansy C2615A Basic Hose – Expandable Hose 15 meters

The extendable hose is very useful, as it allows you to effortlessly water the plants you have in the garden, terrace or patio. The good thing about it is that It is very light and, in addition, you can adjust the water flow choose from the 7 different irrigation patterns available on the gun.

Garden furniture and accessories

Deckchairs, tables, chairs… taking care of a garden is good, but it is also worth sitting down to contemplate. For this reason, I am one of those who think it is worth buying furniture to relax, like these:

Amazon Basics Fabric Hammock with Stand

Ideal for lying down and reading a good book or sleeping outside, this hammock is perfect for putting on your patio or terrace, in the shade of some tall trees. The stand is made of heavy duty steel, capable of supporting a maximum weight of 181kg; Also, be aware that the fabric can be easily removed, in case you want to keep it.

RR garden bench TLV-BJ-1

Who wouldn’t like to find a beautiful bench hidden a little among the leaves of the plants? It can become a very special place, both for lovers and for those looking for a corner to be alone. Yes this bench, with a classic design and able to accommodate up to three people, is the perfect element.

Cover! 2 x 3 m outdoor waterproof canvas with 12 m rope

Having a canvas is always useful, because you can use it to cover garden furniture or use it as a parasol for example. The one we show you is economical, measures 2 x 3 meters, and also includes a twelve-meter rope so you don’t have to buy it separately.

Grass roll 7mm 2×10 meters

If you have children and/or pets, you would like them to have more fun on the patio, terrace or garden, without worrying too much. Well, one solution is to put 7mm thick artificial grass in the areas that you want to use for the recreation of your loved ones. But, in addition, it is important that you choose a high quality one, like the one we show you here. East closely resembles natural grass, not only in color and shape, but also in feelbut it doesn’t require as much care, so it’s a great option if you also want to save water.

So now you know: if you need to buy something for your garden, don’t hesitate to do it on Prime Day. You definitely save a lot of money.

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