The garden according to Slowfood

It is known that when the harvest goes well at the horticulturist, tons of the same vegetables arrive, after dividing the harvest among friends and relatives there are still enough. The family often complains about the lack of variety on the table, necessarily conditioned by the natural seasonality of the garden, in reality with a little imagination and curiosity in the kitchen we can vary.

So, here is an essential cookbook for those who grow their vegetables in the garden: The garden gives you many ideas on how to cook vegetables, tubers and legumes. The cookbook is subdivided by vegetable: each vegetable has its own detailed explanatory sheet as an introduction, followed by all the recipes to be made with this vegetable. This organization of the content makes it very easy to consult when needed.

The recipes selected by Slow Food are representative of the different Italian regional culinary traditions, the result of documentation work between chefs and innkeepers from all over the peninsula. There are the most classic and well-known dishes, but also many unexpected recipes, perhaps only known in certain regions but absolutely worth rediscovering. This is not a strictly vegetarian recipe book, there is no shortage of dishes that offer vegetables with meat and fish.

This book allows you to eat well, in harmony with the seasonality and the territory in which you live, without sacrificing good food and always bringing different dishes to the table. If you are interested, you can find it online in this page .

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