The garden and the snow: effects on the ground

When the snow falls, even the orchard is transformed, everything is covered in white and seems to invite the peasant to stay warm, perhaps in front of the fireplace.

What not everyone knows is that while we rest, snow improves the soil we cultivate.

Like all weather conditions, snowfall is a natural phenomenon and can play a positive role on the fields. It is interesting to know more about the effects of snow in the garden.


Effect of snow on the ground

Structure of the land. Snow is very good for the ground, especially to improve its structure and make it more flexible. When snow settles as a cold blanket on the ground, temperatures rise over time and melt into the water. This passage is very useful for structuring the soil, which is worked naturally by the alternation between cold and thaw, accompanied by the dripping of water from the melting white cover.

Water reserve. Snow is also useful as a source of water. The snow settles in solid form and gradually releases water drop by drop. In this way, the soil is able to retain water in the best possible way and store it so that it is available for plants in the future.

cold blanket . It seems impossible, but snow can also be useful to protect crops from the cold. On the other hand, the Eskimos also build igloos of ice and snow and exploit their insulating power. During the winter there are peas, broad beans, garlic, shallots and onions in the garden, when the cultivated plot is covered with snow, the ground is naturally protected and freezes less than bare ground .

greenhouse care

Snowfall can seriously damage the covers installed in the garden to protect the plants from the cold. The problem with snowflakes is their weight: when they accumulate in greenhouses or tunnels, they can overload the structure. This can cause the sheet to tear and the brackets to fall off. Be careful when it starts to snow and, if necessary, go and clean the greenhouse manually to prevent it from collapsing under the weight of the snow.

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