Top 5 (real) shelters for robotic lawn mowers in 2022

shelter for robot mower

To protect you from all bad weather!

Simple or designer, in metal or wood, discover my selection of The best shelters for robot lawn mowers that you can find on the market!

What is the best robot lawn mower shelter in 2022?

  1. lars360 – My favorite

  2. Lawn Mower – In anthracite steel and modern design.

  3. VidaXL – Good value for money

  4. WilTec – Wood

  5. belissa – Camouflaged in a flower box.

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Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

Lars360 robot lawn mower shelterA shelter large enough to house most models of robot mowers as well as its charging station! The Lars360 has generous dimensions with 103 cm long, 77 cm wide and 45.5 cm high. Very solid, its roof is made of polycarbonate while its feet are made of high quality metal. Stable and perfectly safe, it provides complete protection for the electronic circuits, whether against rain, hail and even UV rays thanks to the specific coating applied to the roof. Easy to assemble, this garage can finally be installed on a lawn, as well as on a paved, concrete, tiled terrace, etc.

My opinion : The choice in terms of covers for robot mowers is still quite varied, but of all the models that I have come across and of which I have been able to check the quality, this Lars360 is my favorite. In addition to being quite stylish, it is perfectly functional and very well designed. You won’t have any problem with the assembly, it’s really fast and moreover it’s solid with these metal supports. The structure may weigh only 8.5 kg, but once firmly fixed to the ground, it does not move at all. And what I like the most about this awning is that it is quite wide and therefore very opaque. Even if you have a large lawnmower, you will have no trouble setting it up. The price displayed is not that high either, so if you want to give it a try, don’t hesitate!

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Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

robot lawn mower shelterThe Mowhouse provides a well-deserved home for robotic lawn mowers after their hard work! Compatible with most small and medium devices on the market, it measures 86 cm long, 59.5 cm wide and 34.9 cm high. Constructed of robust 2 mm thick steel, it also benefits from an anthracite gray powder coating to give it great resistance over time and make it more aesthetic. It also protects against the elements, be it rain, snow, wind or even heat. Finally, its main advantage is that it requires no assembly: it is delivered ready to install! (Pegs are always provided to secure it securely.)

My opinion : If you like garden accessories with a modern design, this Mowhouse is definitely the one I recommend! This shelter stands out from the others with its beautiful anthracite steel and contemporary lines, and I think that’s what gives it its strength. Especially since in terms of protection it is more than up to scratch: your robot lawn mower will be perfectly protected and you can even choose to place it high up to prevent sand from reaching the circuits, for example. The fact that it is made in one piece is also an advantage: if you are not a handyman, no problem, you can leave it as soon as you receive it! Steel obliges, we are not really in the same price range as the other shelters, but for fun it’s great!

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Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

vidaxl robot lawn mower shedA cover specially designed to extend the life of robot mowers! Perfectly protected under this roof, the devices are not afraid of bad weather, whether it is heavy rain, the violence of hail or even the heat of UV rays. The incredibly resistant alveolar polycarbonate roof protects them effectively and the structure also has two metal supports in aluminum alloy on the sides for perfect stability. (It is also possible to fix it to the ground using the anchor screws provided.) Its large size also allows it to accommodate many different models, even the largest since it is still 103 cm long, 77 cm wide and 46 cm high.

My opinion : This VidaXL is a good alternative to the Lars360 that I presented to you just before. Whether in terms of design or technical characteristics, it is quite similar but since it is displayed at a lower price, it becomes very good value for money. I will give exactly the same praise: the dimensions are excellent for storing a large robot lawn mower, everything is very stable, assembly is as simple as it is quick and the protection is complete. Only the metal supports seem to me a little more fragile than in the model proposed by Lars360, but that is not to the point of being penalizing either. Especially since the whole remains very solid: it resists perfectly to the winds or even to fairly violent showers. At this price, it’s a good option!

rated 4.5 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

wiltec robot lawn mower shelterA real robot mower garage! The WilTec is distinguished by its complete structure in solid fir which not only allows it to blend in with the natural environment but also offers perfect protection against rain, snow or hail. Its 65.9 cm wide, 66.6 cm deep and 44.4 cm high interior shed allows it to accommodate most models, including its charging station. Perfectly stable, the set is very easy to assemble and can be moved at will because it does not need to be fixed to the ground. To evacuate the water from the well, the roof was finally designed with two opposite slopes, both covered with bituminous cardboard for greater durability.

My opinion : Are you more wood for your garden? In this case, this WilTec should interest you more than the others! This haven of peace completely plays the card of the small niche style garage and this is clearly what allows it to be original and also very cute. In terms of solidity, the tree does its job very well and everything is very stable. With little wind resistance, I also appreciated that it didn’t move, although of course you could find a way to secure it to the ground. On the other hand, I would simply recommend putting a protective varnish on it so that the wood does not age too quickly. Level dimensions, it’s nickel too. It is not the widest model but it is sufficient for many robotic lawn mowers. And on the protection side, I really have nothing to complain about – the devices are fearless! If you find that this type of model would suit you better, you can definitely try this one.

rating 4 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

belissa robot lawn mower shelterUseful and aesthetic! The Belissa is not just a simple shelter, it is also a decoration for the garden. Composed of gabion walls filled with stones for a very natural style, it also comes with a removable planter that you just have to put on your roof to integrate even more easily into the garden. Its main mission, however, remains to offer complete protection to standard-sized robot mowers since the opening is 55 cm wide, its depth is 64 cm and its height reaches 40 cm. Easy to assemble (no tools required), it is finally very resistant thanks to the aluminum and galvanized zinc which prevent it from rusting in the rain or even discoloring in the sun.

My opinion : Belissa had a very good idea with this shelter for a robot mower camouflaged in a large planter! If you want your device to hide after work and not be seen too much, this model is perfect. Especially since it will help you at the same time to beautify your garden with beautiful flowers! Even if the gabions are generally quite expensive (and those used here are of high quality), I still find that the price displayed is very high, especially since you will also have to fill these gabions yourself with 150kg of stones, at an additional cost if you don’t have them at home… So yes, so it’s very solid compared to other models and in terms of durability, it can last for many years. But it would still have been a little better if it had been made more accessible to all budgets!

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