Tractor Excavator Machine

spatula It is an ideal tool for working the soil. From the perspective of organic farming, we have already talked about it, highlighting the advantages it brings compared to the classic spatula often used on the ground of the garden.

What not everyone knows is that there are not only professional shovels designed for large areas, m a there is also a version suitable for small and medium extensions applicable to the tiller.

It is a machine that deserves greater dissemination, since it is really useful for preparing the garden, respecting the stratigraphy and the structure of the soil. Unfortunately, it is often preferred to grind the soil with rototillers, which has different consequences on the soil. Let’s find out more about the tiller loader to understand what differences this makes compared to tillers and why it is better to use a shovel.

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  • How the excavator machine works

  • Application to the tiller

  • Differences between digger and cutter


How the Blade Making Machine Works

In the orchard, this excavator is physically quite heavy work, so it is good to find mechanized alternatives. The shovel simulates the work of the excavator , has a series of blades that penetrate the soil and break up the clods mechanically, tillage. The result is to make the soil loose and drained, ready to best receive the roots of the plants to be grown.

how soil works

The drawbar reaches for working up to 16 cm deep and it is possible to adjust it to different levels of soil refinement , leaving clods or cutting the soil better. The finest leaves a seedbed practically ready, without pulverizing the earth just like the motoazadoras. This is interesting because the dusty and unstructured soil ends up compacting with the first rains into a choked crust which is not healthy for the crops.

Does not necessarily require a warm floor to work : it can be operated in various conditions, even with very humid soil without kneading, and it does not fear the presence of weeds or small stones. In fact, the movement of the blades, which descend and do not rotate, prevents everything from getting stuck between the knives, as happens in the cutter. Although the machine works very well in all soil conditions to improve soil structure, it is always best to work on warm ground.

Also because of the type of work he does does not create a working sole which is the biggest flaw of tillers, and respects the soil stratigraphy .

Application to the tiller

The tiller is a versatile machine, to which various accessories can be added: from forage harvesters to snow ploughs. His most classic work tool is undoubtedly the cutter , similar to the horseshoe, but there are many possible applications. Among them is precisely the machine of excavators for motor-cultivators.

This machine Produced by Gramegna she is ready with fittings for each type of tiller . It does not require a lot of engine power and can also be powered by medium-sized tillers, from 8 hp, even with gasoline engines.

It is available in two versions, 50 or 65 cm wide, so it is also suitable for passing between rows or moving through narrow spaces. At work he is agile and manageable, he does not tire.

It is a robust, self-lubricating machine with a sealed transmission. Maintenance free .

Differences Between Shovel and Slicer

The advantages of the blade machine over the point cutter should be summarized:

  • Increased working depth . The blades of the shovel machine reach 16 cm, while the cutter works on average in the shallowest 10 cm.
  • without machined sole . The rotational movement of the tiller sees its blades hitting the ground compacting it, the blade of the blade machine instead descends vertically, without creating a sole.
  • Maintains soil structure . The tiller rod, on the other hand, tends to pulverize the surface of the seedbed.
  • Works in all ground conditions. The shovel can also be used with wet earth and grass, while the tillers knead.

It must be said that a shovel involves a more complex mechanism than the cutter and this results in a higher cost. It can be considered a very good long-term investment , taking into account the durability of the tool. The fact that it is applicable to several engines allows those who already own a tiller to buy only the application with blades.

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