Trap Sphere: Lightweight chromatographic trap

Trapping is an interesting system for those who cultivate their orchard or vegetable garden organically, as it allows them to control pests without using pesticides. Traps can be useful for monitoring, to identify a threat at an early stage, but also for mass trapping, which can significantly reduce the population of harmful insects.

The Sphere Trap is a newly developed type of trap, which can be useful for capturing various crop pests, but also annoying insects for anyone with a garden near their home.

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  • How the Sfera trap is made and used

  • What insects are caught with the Sfera trap

    • Flies, mosquitoes and horseflies

    • stable fly

    • hornets and wasps

    • Other Garden Pests

    • flour butterflies

    • Insects

    • velvet wasp

This trap is based on the idea of ​​the chromatographic trap, which attracts thanks to its color and captures because it is sprinkled with glue. However, we are not talking about the classic square sheets of yellow fly paper, Sfera Trap is different for many reasons: its two main assets are its luminosity and the fact that it is not a disposable product.

Thanks to its yellow color and LED light, the sphere can attract flies, mosquitoes, horseflies, wasps, hornets and various Lepidoptera. By integrating with pheromones, it can also be used to defend against insects. But let’s go into the details and see together first how the trap is made, then what parasites can be caught.


How the Sfera trap is made and used

The shape of the trap is described by its name: it is a sphere obtained by joining two perforated hemispheres, made of yellow plastic. The color is the first important characteristic of the Sphera Trap, since the daytime attraction is based on the bright yellow, which affects insects such as wasps, bumblebees and mosquitoes.

Inside the trap is an LED light, powered by two simple pencil batteries, with the pair of batteries, the trap light can be on for a month continuously. Lighting is provided day and night and this is the other way the Sfera trap brings insects closer together. Compared to a normal chromotrope, this trap works even in dark and dimly lit environments, making it very effective even when used indoors.

At the top of the trap is a hook that allows it to be hung. Best placement is overhead, hanging from tree branches, under goals in the garden or on the roof of stables, porches and warehouses.

The yellow plastic ball is the fixed part of the trap and has the task of attracting, the lining which is responsible for the capture is instead disposable. The idea of ​​an easily removable liner is a practical factor: it allows it to be changed quickly and easily and prevents the trap itself from getting dirty with glue.

Transparent film, cellophane bags and disposable shower caps can be used to cover the sphere. All of these materials are very easy to find at a ridiculously low cost. Once the sphere is covered with plastic, the glue is applied with a brush or spray gun.

What insects do you catch with the Sphere Trap

The Trap Sphere can be used to capture different types of insects, we see below what the main uses are. However, first of all, it must be remembered that the chromotopic trap is not selective, although it is designed to attract mainly pests. Therefore, it is important not to use it in the correspondence of flowering plants, to avoid capturing pollinating insects, useful to the ecosystem in which we grow.

Flies, mosquitoes and horseflies

These annoying insects can spoil the taste of being in the garden in summer: moments of play or relaxation in the greenery or a meal in the open air are often spoiled by the buzzing of these unwanted guests, not to mention the bites that are there. find. themselves working in the garden during the summer. Since flies and mosquitoes are strongly attracted to light sources, the Sfera trap is a good way to catch them en masse, keeping the population under control and avoiding having to do toxic disinfestations to keep the garden livable.

stable fly

Those who have a barn know how much these insects annoy animals and often also farmers in particular, they are an unhealthy presence during milking. The Sfera Trap LED light facilitates the capture of insects even in closed and dimly lit environments, multiplying the results that would be obtained with normal chromotropic traps or with fly paper.

Hornets and wasps

Even wasps like to approach the yolk of the sphere and get trapped by the glue. Wasps and bumblebees are harmful insects to the orchard, but they are not limited to damaging the harvest, their bites can be dangerous, especially for people with allergies. Therefore, the use of the wasp and bumblebee trap is recommended both on fruit trees and in the garden.

Other Garden Pests

The Sfera Color and Shine Trap is capable of trapping a large number of orchard pests, including fruit flies and various Lepidoptera, such as moths. Therefore, you can use the Sfera trap among the foliage of fruit trees, as long as they are not in bloom.

flour butterflies

The trap is effective in catching moths and other nocturnal insects, thanks to the LED. For this reason, it can be useful in places where we store food, especially those that store flour at a professional level.


This insect is a widespread plague, especially in recent years, with the spread of the Asian variety. Bedbugs are a nuisance in homes but above all they damage the garden and the orchard during the harvest period. To catch them, you can use the Sphere Trap with a specific pheromone bait, the method is valid for Asian insects and native green insects.

vespa velutin

The velvet wasp is a big problem for bees. The Sphere Trap can also be used for hive defense, placing it under or beside hives, with a few tricks and the addition of protein bait. Beekeepers are invited to read more about how to catch velutin with Sfera Trap on the producer’s site.

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