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Your new lawn mower comes in a large box that gives the impression that the manufacturer assembled it for you. Much to his annoyance, he opens the box and finds that he will have to spend a few hours figuring out how to assemble the lawn mower. This problem does not exist with the VonHaus 12-inch walk-behind mower. This lightweight lawnmower only takes a few easy steps to assemble and you’re ready to give your lawn a manicure.

Five horizontally mounted rotating blades smoothly cut through grass, from tall grass soaked by a recent storm to thick undergrowth surrounding a pond. With a cutting width of 30 millimeters, the VonHaus lawnmower allows you to mow more grass in less time. You can adjust the height of the lawn mower between 12 and 45 millimeters depending on your lawn and your preferences. The 23 liter collection box is actually quite spacious for a walk-behind lawnmower and of course reduces the number of trips to the compost heap.

Many homeowners indicate in their reviews that the Vonhaus walk-behind mower is best used for mowing smaller gardens. The problem is not the efficiency of the cut, but the reach of the blades which affects the cutting speed of the mower. The soft-touch handle is easy to use and gives you the cutting flexibility needed to cover flat and hilly terrain. If you’re looking for a lawn mower that cuts with precision, the VonHaus 30cm Push Lawn Mower is the right choice for your garden. The mower cuts particularly well close to the edges of the garden, reducing the time needed to mow the lawn.


  • lightweight design
  • Height adjustable between 12 and 45 millimeters
  • Five horizontally mounted blades allow for precise cuts
  • 30 centimeter cutting width
  • 23 liter grass catcher rivals a small electric lawnmower
  • Cut the grass near the edges of the lawn

the inconvenients

  • Not suitable for large gardens.


With a main body measuring 44 by 119cm, this mower is certainly compact, but it might not be powerful enough to mow large gardens in time. Of course, what it has is a height adjustment of 33 centimeters to be able to measure grass at different lengths. Its affordability combined with precise lawn cutting makes it a great choice for small homeowners everywhere.

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