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romantically inspired bridal bouquets with tulips

THE bridal bouquets with tulips They seem to have made their way onto social media. In fact, if you’ve been to a wedding lately, chances are the bride was wearing flowers like this in her bouquet. But the explanation for its presence goes beyond mere fashion.

Tulips are showy and delicate flowers, able to stand out from all the others. And it’s not hard to find them in muted colors or much bolder tones. But if there’s a reason tulips in bridal bouquets have become commonplace, it’s because of their significance. Do you dare to meet him?


What do bridal bouquets with tulips mean?

bridal bouquets with original tulips

Let’s start at the beginning. Why do brides carry a bouquet on their wedding day? It is a very old tradition and it She was born for purely practical reasons.s. Centuries ago, access to hygiene was not easy and most brides couldn’t clean up for their big day. It is even possible that they were wearing a dress that had already passed by quite a few women. In this situation, the bride’s bouquet had no other function than to mask body odours.

With the passage of time and the expansion of Christian culture, bridal flowers have become a symbol of purity and fertility. As society changed, branches began to have a meaning more related to abundance, joy and harmony.

Regardless of the origin of the tradition and its current meaning, women who are about to get married wear flowers is a widespread tradition in cultures that are very different from each other. Which is certainly a curious phenomenon.

To date, we do not give a very particular meaning to the bouquet itself, but to the flowers that compose it. In the case of bridal bouquets with tulips, what we have are flowers that speak of eternal and perfect lovebut which also transmit a feeling of beauty and delicacy.

Send a message with your bridal bouquet

white tulips for bridal bouquet

If you have chosen a bridal bouquet of tulips, it is important that you take into account that, depending on the color you choose for the flowers, you could send a message or another. Pay attention to what each color implies:

  • red tulips. Red is the color of passion and in this case it conveys the idea of ​​true love.
  • purple tulips. This color speaks of fidelity.
  • orange tulips. They are a symbol of enthusiasm and desire.
  • pink tulips. They send a message of happiness and security.
  • yellow tulips. They are associated with happiness and sincerity.
  • white tulips. Like all white flowers, they are directly associated with purity.

Where to find blue tulips for bridal bouquets?

There is more than 4,000 types of tulips around the world, and its color range is very wide. However, nature did not give us blue tulips.

Yes, you probably think you’ve seen bridal bouquets with blue tulips, and your sight hasn’t played tricks on you. You can get these flowers, but not because they grow naturally. Blue tulips are available apply some dye to white tulips. They may not look natural, but the result can be truly spectacular.

Are bridal bouquets with tulips suitable for the whole year?

Tulips are ideal for weddings that take place at the beginning of the year, as they bloom during the coldest season. But don’t worry if you get married at another time, because with all the varieties that exist and the current cultivation systems, it is possible to enjoy its beauty even in the middle of summer.

Of course, these are flowers that don’t hold up well to heat, so you’ll need to keep them refrigerated until you leave the house.

The perfect bouquet of tulips

purple tulips for bridal bouquet

Don’t think about it anymore, the perfect bridal bouquet for you is the one that best matches your personalityAlthough you should also consider the type of dress you are going to wear and if you want to convey a special message.

If you fancy a simple romantic bouquet, monochrome engagement, with pink or white tulips. If you want something more intense, you can try red, purple or orange.

Of course, you also have the option of designing a bridal bouquet made of tulips of different colors. Of course, taking the precaution that they hit each other well. For example, purple and orange create a unique combination that conveys a lot of power. While white and pink are a classic that goes perfectly with all kinds of ties.

You can vary your bouquet a bit if you combine tulips with other flowers. The good thing is that they look good with just about anything you can imagine. Again, you can try to combine the colors, or opt for a bouquet with different varieties of flowers of the same color.

If you allow me a tip, if you like bridal bouquets with tulips, don’t mix them with:

  • Daisies.
  • carnations.
  • Hyacinths.

Because? Well, because these three varieties have very remarkable characteristics and they don’t go together very well. Take the test yourself and you will see how much it looks like something is not quite right.

How to store bridal bouquets with tulips

If you don’t dry the bouquet as a keepsake, it may end up in the hands of a dear friend or relative. To keep it for a few more days, give it these tips:

  • Do not place the flowers near a heat source or allow them to receive direct sunlight.
  • Cut the stems a little.
  • Change the water in the vase every two days.
  • Apply the Dutch trickwhich involves making a hole in the stem with a medium-thick needle just below the flower.

THE bridal bouquets with tulips They’re precious, they’re loaded with symbolism, and they can be classic or groundbreaking, which is why we love them. Do you dare to put these flowers in your bouquet? Tell us in the comments!

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