What are the benefits of decorating with artificial grass?

Artificial grass has many advantages

Maybe you’ve ever thought that artificial grass doesn’t look as good as natural, but the truth is, that’s not the case. If properly maintained, it’s very hard to tell – at least from a distance – whether what we’re looking at is a plastic grass mat or one whose seeds were planted in the ground a few weeks ago.

Artificial grass is, in some ways, much more practical than natural grass, since we only have to cut the piece that interests us and put it on the ground. Plus, there are other benefits of decorating with artificial grass that we want you to know.

The main advantages of decorating with artificial grass

You can put artificial grass on the pitch

Artificial grass has several advantages and advantages that natural grass does not have. We have already mentioned a few of them, but we will talk about them more:

We can choose the color of the artificial grass

Surely you think there is only one color: green, and maybe some shades of this color. It is undoubtedly the most common, and the one that is most used in the decoration of gardens and patios, but it is not the only one.

Today we can find white, red, yellow, lilac, pink artificial grass… So, if we are interested in a very special corner, or very cheerful for example -like the children’s play area-, we will have the possibility of combining different colors, or letting the little ones do it themselves. They will surely enjoy designing their own recreation space!

They consist of different types

We are no longer talking only about the color, but also about the thickness of the synthetic turf and its quality. Depending on what and how much it will be used, as well as who will benefit the most, It is important that the type of carpet we are going to lay is very well chosen.

Therefore, you should know that in stores like TodoCESPED we find the following:

  • of the top of the linewhich is softer and thicker and therefore ideal for children and/or people who like to walk barefoot, such as Everest 47;
  • The resistantwhich are more recommended for gardens where there are pets, such as the Terra 40;
  • others who have a good value for money and which, without being high-end, are indicated for average use, such as the Pyrenees 40;
  • and the cheapespecially recommended for decorating areas that are not going to spend a lot, such as Aínsa 27.

It saves you time and money

Keeping a green and healthy natural lawn involves spending a lot of water, mowing it relatively frequently, carrying out phytosanitary treatments if there are pests and/or diseases; and that without mentioning the reseeding, which must be done if it has suffered serious damage during the winter and/or summer.

With artificial grass, you won’t have to worry about all that. Yes, it will have to be cleaned from time to timeeither by removing any fallen leaves by passing a broom, or even with a garden hose if an animal relieved itself there. But the amount of water needed for this is very small. compared to that devoted to the watering of natural grass.

How to take advantage of synthetic turf to decorate?

There is no doubt that artificial grass is much cheaper than natural grass, but of course, how to decorate it? In which spaces can it be placed? Well the answer is you can put it wherever you want: exposed to the sun, in the shade; by the pool, on the patio,… wherever you prefer. Of course, keep in mind the type of grass you have purchased, because as we have just seen, some are more resistant than others.

And regarding how to use it to decorate, here are some ideas that we hope will inspire you:

Recreation area for pets

There is durable artificial grass for dogs

Image – Wikimedia/妙輪寺

If you have dogs and/or cats, it is important that you choose a durable artificial grass, so that it is not damaged in case the animals relieve themselves and/or mark the territory. But in addition to this, in case you want to furnish the garden or the terrace giving them a rustic design, we advise you to put a green one.

Color the terrace

Artificial grass is used to decorate

Image – Wikimedia/Downtowngal

When you have a patio or a terrace, especially if they are small, it is interesting to place synthetic grass. In this way, you can enjoy more and more comfortably of the available space.

beautify the garden

Artificial grass is a good option to decorate the garden


A garden is beautiful with artificial grass, because it makes it much more natural and harmonious if it suits. Plus, it can serve as an excuse to sit on it and rest while observing the plants around you.

And you, haven’t you decided to decorate your garden with artificial grass yet?

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