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16G gauge, of 1.2 millimeters of an intermediate thickness is recommended for perforations of the face (eyebrow, lip) and almost all by ear, including the helix, lobe, tragus, etc. It is usually the most common in the ear.

What better way to get pierced with a gun or a needle? pierce you with needle is 100 times more hygienic than with gun since needle can be fully disinfected (and is disposable) and in the case of gun, its plastic parts do not allow it. of them.

What needle is used to pierce the ears? The type needle what you need is hollow, of This way you can get into the earring more easily. Also you need to make sure of this needle be of a gauge larger than the earring you are going to wear. We recommend using 15 gauge or getting a kit of drilling.

How to get a piercing with a needle?

doHow to do a piercing at home?

  1. Clean your hands, your skin and the place where you will place the piercing.
  2. disinfect the needle.
  3. Mark the location of the perforation.
  4. Enter the needle until complete perforation.
  5. After 20 minutes, remove the needle and place the part.

What needle is used for piercings? The needles catheter provide a piercing safer and more professional.

How is it better to pierce your ear? The materials most used to obtain a piercing are titanium and surgical steel. The first allows healing to be much faster because it is less invasive for the human body. In addition, its weight is lower and there is a greater variety of colors, which makes it a very versatile material.


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Where is the best place to pierce your ear?

Places or better Thick piercings are in the septum, conch, snug, against the helix and daith. Thin piercings look great in any small hole, the only place it is not recommended is the septum.

How to pierce your ear with a sewing needle without pain?

Before you start, tie up your hair perfectly, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Put on something solid punch your ear. Place the needle Yes perforated. To avoid the pain you can put ice and leave the ear gets a little numb.

What can’t you eat with an ear piercing?

When I know do one drilling In this area, specialists advise avoiding alcohol consumption, chewing gum, smoking, spicy foods and oral sex. Basic care consists of brushing your teeth well and rinsing your mouth with a disinfectant mouthwash. after of each meal.

What happens if I remove a freshly pierced ear?

What catheter is used for the ear?

To delete the piercing and heal the incision with the normal disinfection method: Yes he removes the piercing you can put it back on, but you have to give the skin time to renew itself completely. Change the piercing by pure and disinfected titanium: titanium promotes faster healing.

What are the most painful piercings?

What are the most painful piercings?

But if there is a piercing who wins the prize as more sore of all is the nipple. This is an area where it has become fashionable to get pierced. However, it is not only the it hurts moreis also the more delicate due to the region in which it is made.

How long does the pain of an ear piercing last?

First 1-3 Days: You may have slight bruising and swelling. The piercing area may be tender to the touch. You may have blood stains in the area of ​​the piercing. While Healing: You may notice a little itching in the area and a yellowish-white liquid that is not pus.

What needle number is used for the Helix?

helix: Yes you go to a piercer, they will usually pierce you with a 16G needle, Yes it is with pistol, it will be 18G or 20G. Tragus: 16G or 18G, 20G.

How long does it take for the piercing ball to disappear?

The piercings nose are not known to have a quick healing period. It is normal for a piercing in the nose take up to six months to fully heal. During this Weather reportyou are likely to see several things that may make you feel uncomfortable, especially since it is such a visible spot on your face.

How to open a hole in the ear?

Take a deep breath and gently insert the piercing needle into your ear. Make sure it goes through the spot you marked. You may hear a small pop as the needle passes through, don’t panic! Wiggle the needle, then keep it bent at an angle.

Which ear piercing hurts the most?

Tower or turn: in the inner cartilage of the ear, located in the upper part of the ear. Drill this area more painful, since the cartilage is more thick.

Which ear piercing hurts the most?

Which ear piercing hurts the most?

As in any area of ​​cartilage, there are not many nerve endings here, so the pain when drilling will not be very intense. Many compare it to a quick burning sensation. The discomfort you may experience will be a maximum of 4 on a scale of 10.

Where does an ear piercing hurt less?

Where does an ear piercing hurt less?

lobe of the ear: it’s him less painful, because it has no cartilage.

What is fashion piercing?

What is fashion piercing?

Probably the biggest trend in terms of piercings in 2020 and 2021, it was by far the so-called “organized ear”, which is nothing more than a neat ear adorned with a lot of piercings delicate that combine with each other.

Where is a piercing best suited for a woman?

Both in the ears, lips, nose, hips, navel and other parts of the body are ideal.

How to make a hole in the cartilage of the ear?

Insert the needle into the ear. After breaking the first layer of skin, make sure the needle is properly angled to insert it as desired. There will be resistance and a total of 3 different little pops when you pierce the skin, the cartilage then skin again.

How to make the ear hole not close?

Keep the earrings. Most piercings will be They heal in six weeks, but some may take several months or more to heal. To keep the drillingleave the earring in place during this time, or even overnight, to prevent it from it closes the drilling.

What happens if you get pierced by a gun?

Causes extensive tissue damage piercing guns They are harsh on your ears because when they penetrate with great speed and force, they break down tissue and can cause unnecessary trauma. This option will never be as safe as doing it with a needle.

How to use a piercing gun?

When you get your ear pierced with a gunload the bolt inside the device and pierce your earlobe with blunt force.

What is better the catheter or the American needle?

What is better the catheter or the American needle?

CATHETER: cannula or needle is prettier than him cathetertherefore the catheter what it does is dilate the wound. Then he catheter it penetrates the jewel and makes a change in thickness which affects healing. AMERICAN NEEDLE: The thickness is always the same, the bond between american needlecone and jewel is the same.

How much does an ear piercing hurt?

How much does an ear piercing hurt?

As in any area of ​​cartilage, here there are not many nerve endings, so the pain when performing the drilling It won’t be very intense. Many compare it to a quick burning sensation. The discomfort you may experience will be a maximum of 4 on a scale of 10.

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