What is better an electric or petrol mower? – A PUZZLE

The most important. Unlike the models of gasoline traditional, the electric mowers They do not pollute. As they do not use fuel, they do not emit gases into the atmosphere. In addition, they make much less noise, so you can work without disturbing your neighbors.

What tools should a gardener have?


  • Broom. Its function is to sweep up loose material such as fallen fruit, dry leaves, grass clippings, etc. …
  • Brushcutter. …
  • Hedge trimmers. …
  • Scissors. …
  • Shears for high branches. …
  • Sprinkler. …
  • Gun. …
  • Hose holder.

What is the name of the grass cutting tool? the brushcutter for our garden usually has a diameter of about 25cm Other tool What tea will help keep the lawn at the desired size are the scissors. Portion for lawn edging of paths, planters and flower beds, as well as branches of bushes and trees.

What is the gardening tool called? Rake – The rake, like the broom, can be made of various materials, although its classic version is the one with a wooden handle and metal tines. I know used for bundling and collecting leaves, as well What also to remove soil.

What does a gardening service offer? examples of garden service Pruning of plants, shrubs, trees and palms. Weed elimination. Pest control through different pest detection systems that affect trees and plants. Implementation of phytosanitary treatment.

What is the name of what is used to water plants? A watering can is a container (of metal, ceramic or plastic) that contains water Water the plants.


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What clothes do gardeners wear?

Each gardener can dress in overalls, an apron and a gardener’s cap or hat, clogs or boots, a multi-pocket vest and a raincoat. They are generally breathable, warm or light clothing. Always depending on the material of manufacture.

What is the best lawn mower or brush cutter?

USE. A brush cutter is more powerful than a brushcutter, and while it can clear grass and weeds, or mark out a driveway with the right attachments, it is designed for much denser types of brush and can even cut down small trees.

How to mow the grass when it is very high?

Always push the mower forward, alternating the direction of the cut at each opportunity to keep the small mower blades straight and straight. grass. If the grass is very high and thick, make 2 or 3 passes, so as not to force the machine.

What is the difference between brush cutter and brush cutter?

The mower Turf is used to keep the grass on any ground surface short and even. The brush cutter On the contrary, it helps us to control the excessive growth of weeds, shrubs and allows us to prune trees and small shrubs.

What tools are needed to make a garden?

what tools you need for assemble a vegetable garden in your house

  • Jars.
  • Shovel. It serves for mark out the land in flowerbeds and dig holes.
  • shovel for transplant. …
  • Planter. …
  • Weeding. …
  • Gloves. …
  • Scissors of plum. …
  • Azadine.

What tools are used for sowing?

Tools for Agriculture and horticulture

  • hoes.
  • The diggers.
  • Axes.
  • Sickles, hand sickles and heavy sickles.
  • Machetes.
  • Pallas.
  • Peaks and Zapapicos.
  • Rakes.

What is the job of a gardener?

MISSION The gardeners, develop and maintain public and private parks, gardens and green spaces. Prepare the ground by conditioning the soil, leveling the ground, and installing and operating irrigation and drainage systems. Plant trees, hedges, garden plants and lawns.

What do you need to maintain a garden?

The maintenance of gardens includes tasks such as mowing the lawn, trimming treetops, trimming hedges and bushes, taking care of gardens ornamental plants, eliminate weeds, water the soil, fertilize, control pests, clean up leaves and litter, prune trees at risk of falling, remove…

What are the types of garden?

What is better an electric or gasoline mower?

Zen garden.

  • Botanical Garden.
  • Vegetable garden.
  • Raised terraced garden.
  • Test garden.
  • Residential garden.
  • Vertical garden.
  • Hydroponic garden.

How and when to prune a tree?

The fall and winter months are the perfect time to do the cut in trees because at this time there is a decrease in plant metabolism, and the impact of cutting part of its woody structure is less.

What is the point of planting flowers?

Substrate of Earth for jars: it is ideal for the flowers. Ground of sheet: allows you better indoor air. Organic soil: it is the best land for floors. Special lands: these are for certain types of plants like orchids.

What materials are used for planting?

Below we detail what would be the best known traditional tools.

  • Shovel for to the ground…
  • Peak for prepare the terrain for planting. …
  • weeding for remove the earth…
  • Machete, basic tool for the farmer. …
  • The versatile rake. …
  • The basic tractor for each farmer.

What materials are used for plant care?

Tools, materials and useful with plants interior

  1. watering cans They are necessary for Easily supply water to pots. …
  2. Watering kits. …
  3. Sprayers. …
  4. Towel. …
  5. Scissors. …
  6. Knife. …
  7. Gloves.
  8. Palita.

Who invented the jumpsuit?

What is the point of planting flowers?

Then there are the overalls“cousins” of overalls original: the first model is by Levi Strauss, designed in the 1890s as a work uniform.

When were the planters created?

The planters have been created in the 19th century so that carpenters could take all the tools they needed with them.

How long can a brushcutter be used?

Depending on its size, we will need a different machine with more or less power and different accessories. What make the task easier. After clarifying this information, you will know whether to choose nylon or blade and each how long you have to repeat the cut, period What you can go of 15 days to two months or more.

How to mow the lawn without a machine?

Take a stooped position and bend your legs a little. Next, rotate the cutting tool you selected and move back and forth. You have to move forward in the garden and go to cut the parallel lawn. Try it!

What happens if grass clippings are not picked up?

Grass clippings are one of the biggest green wastes produced by a garden. I say leave in a corner, no I know they decompose well because they are very rich in water; the heap ferments, I know heats up, forms tight plaques, molds and gives off a bad smell.

What happens if I mow wet grass?

What happens if I mow wet grass?

To mow the lawn when the grass is very wet should be avoided, but this should not prevent What let’s delay the cutting schedule What let’s just have Yes we will have to pick up the remains of the mowing, What tendency to compact arrived nothing while mowing the lawn wetunless What have a disease…

How much does weed cutting cost?

Get advice from a fellow gardener or agrochemical distributor in your area, the Payment for the regular minimum is 100 pesos mt2, but I know precise time of control, because in case of rain or a bad application of the herbicide, a guarantee would apply.

How much does a manual lawn mower cost?

$2,125.00. manual grass trimmer 14 in. Quality product.

How much does a lawn mower cost?

$6,550.00. Want to see delivery details?

What type of mower is the best?

What type of mower is the best?

For large areas, over 200 meters, the ideal is a model with an electric motor, although you must have an extension cable. For large gardens and plots over 600 square meters, better it’s a mower with gasoline engine, What It will allow you to work comfortably and effortlessly.

What is the best lawn mower?

We should have powers between 1200 and 1800 watts, the higher the power, the more efficient and easier it will be to accomplish. If your garden is up to 200 m2, 1200 watts will suffice, on the contrary if it is larger, you should choose a power of at least 1600 watts.

What is a brushcutter and what is it used for?

Nail brush cutter It is a fairly simple machine that is used mainly in gardening work for trim all types of weeds and lawns. It does not replace the mower but completes its work by reaching hard-to-reach areas, nooks or crannies for these other machines.

How to mow the lawn without a machine?

Take a stooped position and bend your legs a little. Next, rotate the cutting tool you selected and move back and forth. You have to move forward in the garden and go to cut the parallel lawn. Try it!

How to choose a good edger?

If there are small bushes on the ground to work, the edger It must have a minimum power of 700 W. If the land or garden has an area of ​​less than 60 m2, you can opt for a 300 W grass trimmer, even if the land is constantly worked.

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