What is the Best Pressure Washer of 2022?

best pressure washer

For effective and fast cleaning!

There is always a use for a pressure washer. It is ideal for giving a facelift to a terrace, for remove traces from a facadefor remove all dirt from outdoor furniture and even to make vehicles shine!

However, not all devices have the same pressure, and so as not to choose at random, here is my selection of best pressure washers currently available!

rating 5 out of 5


Karcher K4 Premium

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

high end karcher k4 pressure washerWith its K4 Premium, Kärcher offers a high-pressure cleaner capable of effectively cleaning many surfaces in the home, from floors to walls, including outdoor furniture and even car bodywork. The fact is that the 2 lances provided can be used with precision, simply by varying their pressure thanks to a rotational movement. In addition to the 3 levels (soft, medium and strong, for a pressure of 20 to 130 bar), a detergent mode is also available thanks to the Plug’n’Clean system: simply attach the cleaning product bottle directly on the device (a bottle is also provided). Finally, this pack includes a reel that allows you to store the hose in an orderly way as well as a T-Racer 350, the ideal accessory for cleaning flat surfaces without spraying water.

My opinion : When you think of pressure washers, Kärcher is the brand that always comes to mind! And among the different models in its range, this K4 Premium is my favorite because in my eyes it’s the most versatile. Between its lances, its flat surface cleaner and the possibility of opting for a detergent mode, it can really be used anywhere outdoors, especially since the pressure adjustment is simple. This pressure is also more than enough for occasional use. I also really appreciate its ergonomics and maneuverability, especially with its handles (including a retractable telescopic one) which allow it to be moved and stored easily. This is a very good pressure washer, and for cleaning stone, wood or plaster in your home, this is the one I would recommend!

rated 4.5 out of 5

Bosch Professional GHP5-75X

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

bosch ghp5-75x professional pressure washerThis Bosch Professional pressure washer was designed for high cleaning performance and delivers exactly what it promises. It is equipped with a powerful 2600 W motor which allows it to provide a maximum pressure of 185 bar. With its anodized aluminum pump, stainless steel plunger and brass water fittings, it’s strong and durable, making it easy to fit anywhere. Especially since the tube is made of reinforced rubber and the device is equipped with large wheels, also made of rubber. The pressure of the lance is obviously adjustable according to your needs, its 10 m long hose guarantees great freedom of movement while the compact reel included finally saves space.

My opinion : Bosch Professional is a brand that has never let me down, and this GHP5-75X is in line with the brand’s high-performance and well-designed devices. This is a very good quality pressure washer with more than enough power for use on construction sites. Whether it’s cleaning a floor or a wall, washing a tool or even cleaning a truck, it does the job very well. To cater for these different needs it also comes with 2 different lances and having such a long hose is a real bonus – you never have the cleaner on your feet! If you need a professional model, I advise you to choose this one, especially since its price remains quite reasonable for this category.

rated 4.5 out of 5

Black+Decker PW1700SPL

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

black decker pw1700spl pressure washerThe Black+Decker PW1700SPL is a pressure washer designed to meet all needs. In particular, it is equipped with an adjustable jet lance in which the power of this jet can be easily increased according to the surface and the dirt to be removed. If the stains are stubborn, a second lance is provided: with its powerful rotating jet, it eliminates everything in its path. And thanks to a 0.5 L foam cannon kit, it is also possible to use the gun to clean with detergent. All of these accessories can also be easily stored as the device has brackets on the back of its case. And its practical side does not stop there since it also has 2 wheels for transport and a 5 m long hose to easily reach all the areas to be cleaned!

My opinion : I would say this Black+Decker pressure washer is one of the best value for money you can find. With a maximum pressure of 130 bar, it does not laugh and, whether on garden furniture, the garage door or even the front wall, it cleans effectively. It’s a bit the basis of a device of this type, but the fact of being able to adjust the intensity of the jet is appreciable, in particular to take care of the most delicate surfaces. And a small quirk of this model, it is also able to suck water from a tank if it cannot be connected to a tap! Without compromising on performance but without spending too much, this Black+Decker is clearly a good choice.

rating 4 out of 5

Karcher K2

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

karcher k2 pressure washerThe Kärcher K2 high-pressure cleaner is the ideal tool for occasional cleaning of terraces, garden furniture, tools or even bicycles. Thanks to its Variopower Full Control lance, it is possible to select 3 different configurations for its jet, from soft to powerful, the 1400 W device being able to reach up to 110 bars. Another lance is also included, a Dirt Blaster, which allows you to clean more thoroughly. This robot is also equipped with a suction filter to easily use all the detergents in the Kärcher range and not be satisfied with water for a complete wash. Super practical, all the accessories can be stored in the blink of an eye in the back, while the retractable telescopic handle and the 2 wheels allow you to move it anywhere.

My opinion : The Kärcher K2 is clearly not the brand’s most powerful or functional pressure washer. I found the spears to be a bit short and a lot of bending over to clean the floor. Also, it may have displayed 110 bars, but you still have to push a bit if you want to remove foam, for example. On the other hand, for its price of less than 100 €, and for home use (that is to say from time to time), it defends itself well and is clearly more efficient than other devices from lesser-known brands. It’s a Kärcher, after all! It’s also well-designed and very practical, so it’s worth trying it out, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

rating 4 out of 5

Worx WG630E

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

worx wg630e pressure washerTo differentiate itself from other high-pressure cleaners on the market, the Worx WG630E plays the card of total freedom of movement: thanks to its 4 Ah battery, the device is truly nomadic and can be used anywhere, even far from an outlet! And since it weighs only 2.5 kg, its maneuverability is optimal. In addition, to make it even more practical, it even has a self-priming function: it is possible to operate it by drawing water directly from a recovery tank, a swimming pool, a river or even a lake. With its 25 bars, it also guarantees a pressure 10 times greater than that of a classic hose, ideal for easily removing dirt from furniture and outdoor equipment (tools, bicycles, boats, etc.).

My opinion : This Worx WG630E is a pressure washer that I wanted to include in this selection because it is the portable model that convinced me the most. Freedom of movement is clearly its strong point, especially since the water extraction hose is several meters long. No need to be right next to the source! While his pressure really isn’t huge, it’s still enough to get rid of mud and dirt, and those will be his main missions anyway. On the other hand, the battery lasts a short time (about fifteen minutes) and it takes 5 hours to recharge. Better to have another available! However, if you need a pressure washer that you can use anywhere, this is the model that is most interesting.

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